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Siena Pano

The Cathedral In Siena, Tuscany region of Italy

The Cathedral In Siena, Tuscany region of Italy

During our PODAS photography workshop in Tuscany we did take time to visit villages and cities so we could get a real feel of the Tuscany Landscape.  One of these cities is Siena an absolutely beautiful old city that has a giant square or plaza.  They are famous for the cathedral there as well as horse races.  The above image was made by taking a number of images with the Fuji Pro X 1 and stitching them together.

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Chicago Building

Building - Chicago, IL

Working for Phase One I host and lead photo workshops all over the world. During our recent workshop PODAS we concentrated on Architecture Photography. We shot a lot of building and this is one of them. I like the composition with foreground as well as the reflection. It was shot with an IQ180 (80  megapixel) camera and perspective was corrected in Capture One. Then I played a bit with the image on the iPad before publishing here.

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Stairs Mexico

Mexico Stairs - San Miguel, Mexico

While visiting San Miguel, Mexico I had the opportunity to visit a giant hotel that was under construction.  Then one day they realized they were building this hotel right below a dam and if the dam broke the hotel would be wiped out.  So, they stopped building the hotel.  Thus her is this abandoned hotel just sitting there.  My friend Michael and I explored this hotel and i found a number of cool shots.  This one is clued stairs.  I love the angles of the stairs and how the angles of steel (red) make the image.

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Tango Girl

Tango Girl, La Boca, Buenos Aires

There is a lot to like about Buenos Aires.  It is a city of color, intrigue, danger and some pretty cool people.  In the La Boca area of the city is a charming colorful section of shops and homes.  Mostly made of corrugated tin.  On the streets there are couples that grab tourists and tango with them, for a price of course.  everyone has their hand out for the dollar.  So, while enjoying this area photographically I saw this girl waiting for her next dance.  I loved the image because of the leg and head and the way they looked.   I took the images made with a Canon 5dII and put it in my iPad and manipulated it using a great new program called snapseed.  I will post another image tomorrow from the same area.

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Sad Gypsy - Near Saugutuck, MichiganOne of the most fun things to do (in my opinion) is to get in the car and go explore.  I did this the past weekend and I have more shots to post  from that adventure.  Today’s image is one I did in Michigan at a place called Sunset Juuque.   It’s kind of like a Disneyland of junk.  All neatly arranged in these little set ups by the clever owner.  This is one I call Sad Gypsy.  I discovered this place because I was just driving around.  No matter where I go I like to drive and explore.  If I see something I stop and check it out.  A lot of the times I end up shooting it.  You have to capture the moment.  Odds are this set up is not there anymore.  It could have moved or just rotted away.  You have to get it when you see it.  This was done with my basic set up of a Canon 5dII and 24-105 lens.

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Old Trucks

Old Truck Near Skamania, WA

Seems on my last few trips I have been finding a lot of old trucks wherever I go.  I love old stuff, rust and decay.  Can’t get enough of it.  During my sons wedding weekend we went out exploring and came upon a place with a lot of old rusty trucks and things.  So, naturally I had to take some photos.  Because of the light – heavy overcast, light drizzle I did HDR 2 under, over and normal exposures on my Canon 5dII.  This image is the first of a few taken at just this one stop.  Look for more in the coming days.

Also, in a week I will be in Ireland leading a PODAS workshop with 15 photographers.  I’ll be posting from there so stay tuned.  You can also follow the trip at the PODAS BLOG.




Three trips to Antarctica and I have thousands of images that are standout.  I think it is time to gather the images together and make a book.  There are not enough hours in the day and I do have a regular job.  I have a lot of trips with images still waiting for editing and printing.  Today’s image was shot from a zodiac on a cruise in Paradise Bay on my first trip to Antarctica.  I love this image and the reflection.  Shot with a P45+ hand held.

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Carmel Performing Arts Center – Palladium My Way

Carmel, IN - Palladium - Performing Arts Center

The other night after experiencing some dramatic storms the skies began to clear and just turn wonderful colors and they were so dramatic.  My friend Debra grabbed me and we drove the block it takes to get to the Performing Arts Center.  I jumped out of the car and began shooting away.  I had grabbed my GH3 and shot in HDR mode – 5 exposures per shot. This technique allows my camera to shot over exposures opening up shadows and underexposures allowing highlights to be recorded.  I then bring my images into Capture One and do perspective control (straightening lines on building so they don’t or do distort).  Then I process he images to tiff format and run them through PhotoMatix combing all the exposures into one image.  Then I took the image into photoshop and run them through a series of other programs.  In this case I used a plug in called Topaz Adjust.  So here is my artistic version of PAC at a dramatic sunset.  I have more so look for them soon.  Also, finished up some dramatic Moab B&W Images.  Stay tuned.

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The Last Palouse For A Week

Truck In A Barn - Palouse, WA

Well it’s another day and another plane ride.  Today it’s New York for a few days. Need to spend some time in the office working on pushing the PODAS workshops along and making sure we are set to go for a busy rest of the year.  We have a PODAS workshop every month for the rest of the year.  Also, I have a trip to China coming up in the next month to promote a workshop there.  Life at Phase One is always busy.

Today’s image is another take on the barn with the truck I posted the other day.  This time from the front with some effects thrown onto it for artistic sake.  Shot on a P65 and then converted using an iPhone app.  It’s just fun.  The details in the original Phase One file are amazing.  Definitely be working on some big prints when time allows.  Think I’ll post some Neon Graveyard images the next few days.


Discovery In The Palouse

Old Barn in the Palouse

I am heading home today after spending two days in the Palouse area of Washington state. I spent a lot of time driving back road finding places for the group to shoot that is part of the workshop here in August. In my drive I discovered barn that literally folded in on itself. This made for a good image with the cloudy sky and such. Next to the barn was a small out building. There were no locks on the door and I entered and discovered an amazing sight. Here in this barn that literally hasn’t been touched for maybe 60 years, was an old truck and a ton of other things. There was a shelf of Popular Mechanics magazines dated 1947. What a cool place. I am not big on trespassing and if I can I always seek permission to shoot on someone elses property. There were no signs or even a hint to who owns this place. So, I set up and spent some time shooting being careful not to disturb anything. This is one of those shots. Made with a P65+ with 30 second exposures. I made a number of exposures and combined them then converted to B&W. I may post a color image soon as well as one or two more from this great little place that I discovered.

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I Am In Palouse

Tree Stand In Plaouse

I haven’t been as good as I would like in updating the blog. I have been criss crossing the country and spending a lot of time in airplanes and hotels with lousy internet connections. Until Sunday I am in the Palouse.  The Palouse is a beautiful area in South eastern Washington state. Rolling hills of wheat. Hard to describe but if you visited you would see the beauty. I am doing a workshop with 30 people here in August and I am driving routes, visiting restaurants, arranging airplanes for aerial work etc.. You can learn more about this workshop by clicking here. This is a shot of a stand of trees in the Palouse. I’ll put another Palouse image up tomorrow.

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Something Other Than Rocks

Trees Near Moab, UT

On our last day in Moab we detoured and visited a new area.  While working our way up to an overlook we passed an area of fields where there was a forest fire a few years back.  This shot looking up the hill caught my eye.  what do you think?  Taken with the Phase One P65 and 110mm lens.


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