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Three trips to Antarctica and I have thousands of images that are standout.  I think it is time to gather the images together and make a book.  There are not enough hours in the day and I do have a regular job.  I have a lot of trips with images still waiting for editing and printing.  Today’s image was shot from a zodiac on a cruise in Paradise Bay on my first trip to Antarctica.  I love this image and the reflection.  Shot with a P45+ hand held.

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Painted Tree

So, some nights when I have nothing to do I sit on the couch, put on some TV show and pick up my iPad.  Last night I did just that and played with an APP on my iPad – Paintit Show.  This is a slick app by Corel and all you do is load your images, select a style and away it goes.  Lots of fun to watch and results are nice.  This is one of the many I did last night that I like the best.  Originally shot with a P65+ of a gum tree in Ormiston Gorge, Australia.

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Tanks and Ice

Tank In Antarctica

Sometimes when exploring in remote parts of the world you stumble upon some unusual things.  This shot was taken in Antarctica and is one of two rusted tanks that we found.  Apparently a long time ago at this remote base Americans used these modified tanks as a means to get around.  What was really interesting is that the tanks were fitted with rotary aircraft engines.  This was show with a P65+ camera and the detail in the image is just amazing.  Capture One allowed me to go in and pull details in the shadow area and the bright snow to make an excellent image.

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Ice, Seal, Storm

Seal on ice flow with distant stormIt’s pretty hard not to take a good photo when visiting Antarctica.  I’m asked many time how you shoot in Antarctica and what to bring.  I travel as light as possible.  You won’t need a tripod.  It’s bright enough you can shoot handheld all the time.  Almost everything you shoot from bounces around.  Zodiacs and the ship are always moving so handheld is a must.  I travel with a 5dII and 16-35, 34-105, 100-400 lenses.  In addition my main camera is a Phase One P65+ with 74-150mm, 28mm, 45mm,  210mm lenses.  A bunch of batteries, CF cards and portable external hard drives for duplicate back-ups.  I work entirely in CApture One to work my images and shoot RAW all the time.

This image was taken from the deck of the boat looking over an ice flow we were moving through.  There was a storm off in the background which was just great looking.  I was lucky when I spotted a seal on the ice flow and I just waited until we moved to a point where the shot looked good.

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Penguins . . .

Penguins on a mission - Antarctica

Penguins, boy do I have penguins. At one time I honestly could say I had the highest resolution penguin images in the world as I shot this image and many others with the only P65+ at the time to visit Antarctica. These are amazing creatures and over the year and my three visits to Antarctica I have amassed a large library of penguin images. This is a fun shot as three penguins march forward and seem to be on a mission. These are very busy creatures. They always have something to do and they seem focused on getting the task done.  This was shot with a P65+ and 75-150mm lens. The detail in this image is amazing as you can zoom in and see the crystals in the snow. I’ll publish more penguin images over time.

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Waterfalls Again – Kind Of

Waterfall Near Hoh Rain Forrest

Every year in the spring I set out on a photo trip with around 8 of my very closest photographer friends.  It’s quite an ecliptic group and we have a lot of laughs drink a lot of wine eat well and more than anything else photograph a lot.  Every year one of the guys is responsible for where we go.  It’s not an easy job as this can be a very tough group to please.  It was my responsibility this past year and we visited Olympic National Park in the state of Washington.  We stayed at three different locations and we had one heck of a good time.  Today’s photo was taken off the side of a dirt road someplace near the Hoh Rain Forrest.  If you are interested in learning to photograph waterfalls better please read this article by Mark Dubovoy.