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New Zealand Ice

Iceberg At Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Iceberg At Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Let’s move to another part of the world.  I was looking for blog candidate images the other day from my inventory of images and this image jumped out.  This image was made in New Zealand at Mt. Cook.  I took a Zodiac ride into the lake filled with these mini Icebergs broken off from a near by glacier.  The skies turned dark and the color popped and I clicked.  Hope you enjoy this image.

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The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, A different look

Sometimes images of famous well know locations can be so clichéd.   So when I shoot some of these locations I try to see it differently and have some fun with the image to change it up a bit and get folks to stop and look. This is a classic Grand Canyon shot, where I used a long lens and cropped the sky out. Then using a number of different apps and Photoshop I came up with this look.  A little soft, lots of color and somewhat surreal.


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Vegas Color

Neon Boneyard, Las vegas

One of the coolest place to visit in Las Vegas is the neon Boneyard Museum.  This is where many of the old and classic Las Vegas signs have been taken as they get updated.  A place of color, peeling paint, and rust.  All the things I like.

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The Washington Coast

Washington Coast Line

Part of the Olympic National Park runs along the coastline of Washington.  Much of it is hard to access and some require a bit of a hike.  This shot though is available from a parking lot.  The whole coastline from Washington south though Oregon is just an amazing place to take photographs.  I’ll be doing a workshop in olympic National Park this september.  This will be one of the places we go.

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Stormy Palladium

The Palladium, Carmel, IN

Everyone knows the Palladium in Carmel, In.  It’s part of the Perfroming Arts Center complex.  The other day we had these magnificent clouds and I decided to give it a shot.  Came up with this BW and a few good color images.  I’ll publish some color images later this week.  I like the look of the sturdy building with the storm clouds behind it.  It was done with five exposures blended together on PhotoMatix and HDR program used to blend different exposures together.  Fun stuff but can be too overused.  I n a case like this it works great.


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