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Abandoned Farm House

One of the things that have always made the Palouse un to explore is the abandoned houses and trucks that can be found in many places.  Unlike other places, I visit it seems that a lot of times somewhere along the way folks just one day decided to pack some things and leave their homes.  it’s not uncommon to find homes that have been abandoned for 20 plus years.  Sometimes there is furniture and personal belongings in these homes.

The home above is one of these.  There were a barn and a garage with this home but they were burned down in 2017.  That is happening more and more too in the Palouse and is a who;e other stories. In any case, as a photographer, I like trying to capture these places and make the viewer ask what was the story?


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New York, Las Vegas

I always have my camera with me.  You have heard this from me many times.  One night while in Vegas I grabbed my tripod and took a long walk doing night shots of Vegas.  Las Vegas is actually best photographed at night.  The Lights and people add to the images.  Afterall Vegas is all about the lights.  This was a hard image to get as there is no good angle because of pedestrian bridges and cars.  But, I did find a spot and was able to get the image shown here.

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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?


This was kind of a bizarre catch.  Chris Sanderson and I were driving back from Zion National Park when we stumbled upon this tourist trap location that looked like it had been closed down for the season.  I always like exploring odd places like this so we got out of the car and explored.  I saw this great low angle wide anglr shot and was setting up to shoot it when this chicken jumped into the picture.  Was it divine intervention or just plain luck.  I of course had to take the image.  Fun if nothing else.

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Grand Central Station

I was in NYC a few months back for the introduction of the Leica M10 camera.  After the official meetings with Leica, I was sent off with the new camera to give it a try.  It was a fun camera to shoot with and I enjoyed using it and the images from it.  However, like I do many times I always take images on my iPhone. I did a whole series of images about Being Square and Seeing Double.  Article coming soon on that project.  I also did a few Pano images.  The place is an architectural marvel so how could I resist doing some panos.  This image is one pano made there.  I’ll share more in the future.

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Near Zion

Zion National Park in October is really beautiful.  The crowds are gone and the roads are open for cars.  As much as I enjoy shooting in the park I also love to wander the back roads around the park.  It’s not uncommon when doing this to come across some really nice scenes like this image.  This image was close by the park and was different from all the cliche images made in the park.  I am driving to Zion this fall and look forward to doing a lot of backroads along the way.

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More Heavy Metal

As you may know, if you are a regular reader, I am big on rust and big metal things.  This is an image from the waterworks pumping station in Buffalo, NY.  This place is very interesting.  Kind of a steampunk kind of place.  Big pipes and pumps.  The pump house takes water from Lake Erie and was built around 1920. It’s a great place to shoot images. This image was made with an iPhone.

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Found Abstracts

Many times as photographers we get stuck on seeing the big scene.  yet, under our feet or in front of us is art and we just need to train our eyes enough to see this art.  These images today are abstracts found in a bigger scene.  One image is a wall where numerous posters have been applied and torn off. The other two images are from peeling paint on rusty truck found near the Palouse region in the state of Washington.  I’m always looking for abstracts whether it is man-made or natural.   You need to keep your eyes open and always be looking.