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Pah Head Billy

Pan Head Billy

Pan Head Billy

While photographing in Death Valley I visited the Artist Pallet are to shoot sunset.  There on the side of the road was this motorcycle guy leaning back on his bike watching the mountains light up in all the magic they do.  I went p to take pictures and I started talking to this guy.  Turns out he has been cruising the highways for 17 years.  everything he owns or needs is packed on the back of this bike.   I asked if he would pose for some shots and he was more than cooperative.  This is the result of the shot.  I did some post work on this image in Photoshop to make it a bit different.

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Side Of An Iceberg

Iceberg, Antarctica

Iceberg, Antarctica

Ever wonder what the side of a giant 50 foot high iceberg looks like?  Well here it is.  Traveling in Antarctica we convinced our captain of the boat we were cruising on the get us as close to cool icebergs as he cold.  He was more than happy to help us.  This is the side of an iceberg and it is just beautiful with the color and things happening.  You can see melting, re-freezing and a gorgeous random texture.   This was shot from around 50 feet away using a 70-200mm zoom on a Canon 5dII.

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It’s Ice Time

The Gullet, Antarctica

For the next few days I’ll be posting images from my previous three trips to Antarctica. It’s the ultimate adventure and I will be making a trip there in 2013 and 2014. People ask if there is one place I like the most in all my travels where would it be. Simple answer – Antarctica. There is truly no place like it anywhere. The images I have taken there and sites I have seen will be with me to the day I die. Truly an amazing place to visit. This shot was made in the Gullet. Usually Ice choked we were able to navigate it on one of the most incredible bright days and still days ever. The water was as smooth as a mirror. The sky a deep blue that was astonishing. And the ice and reflections were so fantastic.  I will post more from the Gullet and elsewhere. Hope you enjoy this.

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Storms and Ice

Icebergs and a storm, Antarctica

Antarctica when it gets mean is really mean.  Here you can see a storm approaching and giant icebergs in the foreground.  Taking pictures in Antarctica is an amazing experience.  Photo rich environment doesn’t come close.  Dynamic ever changing.  This image was shot with a long lens 200mm on a Canon 5dII.

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The Stories This Plane Could Tell

Junked Plane, Alaska

This is an image I shot in Alaska. What a great and wonderful state to photograph in. There is a certain quirkiness found there. You drive down the roads and strange things just present themselves. On one of my trips to Denali I took a moment to shoot off to an old train museum.  Where else can I find rust and decay?  While I enjoyed shooting there, next door I found an airplane junk yard. And in this junk yard was just an old plane cockpit. I don’t know where the rest of the plane was, but this is the shot of the cockpit. Kind of has a lot to say.



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