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Anchors Away

Anchors Away, Saugatuck, MI

Anchors Away, Saugatuck, MI

This ship is no longer in Saugatuck where the image was taken. It was a landmark there for a long time. A year ago the ship was moved to a new loaction where it will be restored and opened as a museum. I have always had fun shooting this boat and have a lot of good images of it. This one I like because of the symmetry and the way the light plays on the hull.

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BW Classic From Saugatuck, Michigan

Saugutuck, Michigan

A number of years ago I decided to head out for a weekend adventure up the west coast of Michigan. I thought I would shoot sleepy little villages and lighthouses. As I was driving up the Blue Star Highway I saw this ship off to my left. I stopped and shot it and have been doing so until last Summer when they took the ship to Canada to refurbish it and make it a museum. I also discovered a wonderfully peaceful town there Saugutuck. This is an artsy village with bed and breakfasts places, galleries and a unique charm. Put it on your must visit list.


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Anchor, Saugutuck, Michigan

There was this big old steam ship sitting at a dock as a tourist attraction in Saugutuck, MI.  The ship has since been moved to Canada where it will be restored and become part of a ship museum.  I have shot this location a number of times.  The elements of the ship and the old lifeboats have given me plenty of good exposures.  This is the anchor and I like the strength and colors.

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Crooked Houses

Crooked Houses

I love wandering different antique markets, stores and wherever else looking for the unusual.  What I find is usually something rusty and maybe colorful.  This was at a small antique store near Saugatuck MI.  I used my iPhone and shot this with Hipstamatic.  Tight cropping and colors work.

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Tulip Day

Tulip, Holland, Michigan

Every now and then I like to switch things up a bit.  I visited the Tulip Festival as I try to do every year in Holland , Michigan.  This year it was not so great, cold, rainy and most of the tulips had already lost their leaves due to an early spring with warm weather.  None the less I found this guy in a flower box in town.  Color and rain drops as well as the flowers behind make it work. Good way to start the day.

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Door Number ONE

Door Number One

I was having with my iPhone on a recent trip to Saugatuck, MI and stumbled upon this abandoned hotel.  Each door was painted a different color.  Someone with some imagination could thell this property had potential.  I did some overall shots and panos but this shot floated to the top.  Simple, the growth out from, door not centered.  It just works.


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