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Anchor, Saugutuck, Michigan

There was this big old steam ship sitting at a dock as a tourist attraction in Saugutuck, MI.  The ship has since been moved to Canada where it will be restored and become part of a ship museum.  I have shot this location a number of times.  The elements of the ship and the old lifeboats have given me plenty of good exposures.  This is the anchor and I like the strength and colors.

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Street Music

Holland Michigan – Music Man

Back in the spring I visited Holland, Mi to shoot the tulip festival and especially the tulips.  It was kind of a bust as the early spring had forced the tulips to bloom early.  So we spent the time there to explore the town and back roads and found lots of fun things to shoot.  We happened upon this guy who was a one man band on the streets of Holland.  Look for more Michigan photos in coming days.

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Door Number ONE

Door Number One

I was having with my iPhone on a recent trip to Saugatuck, MI and stumbled upon this abandoned hotel.  Each door was painted a different color.  Someone with some imagination could thell this property had potential.  I did some overall shots and panos but this shot floated to the top.  Simple, the growth out from, door not centered.  It just works.

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Little Boy In A Window

Boy In Window

It’s fun to walk the streets with a camera.  And this past weekend my camera of choice was the iPhone and using the Hipstamatic App.  While it was fun I did miss my big boy cameras a few times.  But it was an exercise to shoot simple, and see well.  I came away with amazing images.  This one was shot while walking the street of Holland, MI.  I walked past this shop and they had hand painted big letters on the shop window.  Sitting near the window was a couple and a cute baby.  So I motioned if they could put the kids face in the hole of the letter and they did.  I got three good shots.  Like this one the best.

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Your Carriage Awaits

Your Carriage Awaits

Near Saugutuck, Michigan there a cool antique store called Sunrise Junque.  I have been going there for years and will soon make a book from this interesting place.  Here’s a shot from a few years ago.  I think they go and buy old amusement park things as well as tons of other stuff.  They spread it all out and it is a photographers dream to shoot there.  Not to mention I have come home with some cool stuff over the years.


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Sad Gypsy - Near Saugutuck, MichiganOne of the most fun things to do (in my opinion) is to get in the car and go explore.  I did this the past weekend and I have more shots to post  from that adventure.  Today’s image is one I did in Michigan at a place called Sunset Juuque.   It’s kind of like a Disneyland of junk.  All neatly arranged in these little set ups by the clever owner.  This is one I call Sad Gypsy.  I discovered this place because I was just driving around.  No matter where I go I like to drive and explore.  If I see something I stop and check it out.  A lot of the times I end up shooting it.  You have to capture the moment.  Odds are this set up is not there anymore.  It could have moved or just rotted away.  You have to get it when you see it.  This was done with my basic set up of a Canon 5dII and 24-105 lens.


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