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In The Alley Waiting

Break Time, Austin, TX

Break Time, Austin, TX

I spent the last few days in Austin, TX shooting with a new Olympus came.  It was a solid three days of capturing various subjects.  The camera the PEN-F has a real nice BW mode.  This image I shot of a worker having a cigarette break in an alley.

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I Call This Waiting

Waiting, Bueno Aires

Waiting, Bueno Aires

This image was shot in Buenos Aires and was always a shot I liked.  It was shot in a bad part of the town.  I didn’t know it at the time so I just shot images.  I like the two brothers (I presume) siting on the cub waiting for something.


You Gotta Love A Good SAle

Block Head Marketing, Copenhagen, DK

I travel a lot and one of my favorite things to do is to walk the city streets and do street photography.  One of my favorite cities for doing this is Copenhagen.  It’s a great city that is alive and offers amazing photo opps.  This is a shot I made outside a store and shows their unique way of merchandising.  I bet the sale they had was a big success.  This is real block head marketing.

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Chicago Bridge

Once again on one of my walk a bouts in Chicago I saw this image on a bridge in .  Carefully lined it up and waited for the person to come into the frame.  Do you like it?  Kind of cool,  It shows a lot about Chicago, old, new and lots of riveted steel and iron.  Taken with a Phase One P65+.  Yes you can do street photography with it.

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Door Number ONE

Door Number One

I was having with my iPhone on a recent trip to Saugatuck, MI and stumbled upon this abandoned hotel.  Each door was painted a different color.  Someone with some imagination could thell this property had potential.  I did some overall shots and panos but this shot floated to the top.  Simple, the growth out from, door not centered.  It just works.

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Little Boy In A Window

Boy In Window

It’s fun to walk the streets with a camera.  And this past weekend my camera of choice was the iPhone and using the Hipstamatic App.  While it was fun I did miss my big boy cameras a few times.  But it was an exercise to shoot simple, and see well.  I came away with amazing images.  This one was shot while walking the street of Holland, MI.  I walked past this shop and they had hand painted big letters on the shop window.  Sitting near the window was a couple and a cute baby.  So I motioned if they could put the kids face in the hole of the letter and they did.  I got three good shots.  Like this one the best.

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Mexican Doorway

Lady and doorway, San Miguel, Mexico

Some of the coolest shots I have done are subjects in doorways.  I did a shot years ago in Argentina of a boy eating a bag of chips in a doorway that is one of my mot popular prints.  This image was made in San Miguel.  Everything came together perfectly to balance the composition out.  Street photography in San Miguel where this was done is just great.


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