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On The Street

Las Vegas Sidewalk

I love doing may kinds of photography.  I am most happy doing landscape photography, where I can take my time to compose the image and wait for just the right moment of light.  I enjoy doing portraits, where I can try different posing and lighting to come out with unique images.  Street photography is different altogether and in many cases not understood by many.  I love wandering the streets of my hometown as well as the cities I visit.  For me, street photography catches the moment, light and life on the street.

I am excited because this coming week I receive the new Fuji X Pro 3 camera which should be ideal for working the streets.  I’ll report back after I have some time with this app.  These images today were taken in various locations The photo of the couple in front of the sphere was done in Chicago.  The man with the violin was made in Copenhagen.  This guy is such a good violin player and he strolls the streets in Copenhagen playing at restaurants and parks.  He always has a violin case of cash that people donated to him. The image with the man and woman walking was made in Las Vegas.  LasVegas, by the way, is a very rich city to shoot street work.  I love the shadows, the seriousness of their walk and then the little upside-down plywood cutout behind them.

I hope you like these.  Look for more soon.




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South Georgia Island Black and White

I have so many images I’m working on from the South Georgia – Antarctica trip.  This is a Pano shot converted into BW.  I shot 10 separate exposures and stitched these together in Photoshop and then converted to Black and white in Silver EFX Pro.  I was hiking around this portion of the landing we were on and then came over a ridge only to see this inlet and glacier and a plain below leading up to it.  Just magnificent.  I took a seat on a big rock and just looked at this scene before deciding it worked best as s stitched image.  I’ll be making a large print of this soon.  Shot with a Fuji XT-2 and 18-55mm lens.

Click On The Image To See Larger

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Rust Everywhere

There are so many things to like about South Georgia Island.  Every cove, every harbor, every fjord has something special for the photographer and explorer.  This particular spot has everything I like, rust and landscape and a few seals.  We had the pefrect weather for this excursion.  Made with a Fuji XT-2 and 18-55mm lens.

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Like A Fairy Tale

South Georgia Island is like a magical land in the middle of an ocean that is very hard to get to.  No matter what bay you visit or what land you set foot on you are blessed with incredibly beautiful scenes that make great images for the photographic artists.  This image was made at Gold Harbor which is just teaming with wildlife and amazing landscapes.  This was done at sunrise before breakfast.  The day just got better from that point on.

Fuji XT-2 and 18-55mm lens.


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Good Morning South Georgia

On our trip to South Georgia and Antarctica, it was the early bird that saw spectacular sunrises.  Being the leader of this trip it wasn’t unusual for me to wake the ship up early to see and photograph a sunrise like this.  Shot with a Fuji Xt-2 and the 16-55mm.  This was pure South Georgia, color and clouds.

Click on the image to see larger and click again to see even larger.  Then close the image with the arrows at the top left of the image.