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Gold Leaf Indianapolis

The pandemic has slowed us down from going out and photographing as we used to.  Travel has been extremely curtailed and as such, I have been looking for new ways to expand my photographic art.

A number of years ago, a great friend who sadly has passed away showed me some prints he had made using gold leaf.  He learned this technique from Dab Burkholder, who is one of the best photo instructors I have met.  Thus, I saw a workshop online where Dan was teaching this technique.  I signed up for it, bought his kit, took the class, and quickly became addicted.  I now have over 100 images I have gilded, as it is called.  The procedure is a bit of work but the end result is many times unpredictable, but always satisfying.  I will feature all my gilded images in the near future with an album I am doing, but for now, please enjoy this 9×12 inch gold leaf photograph of downtown Indianapolis.

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The Bottleworks hotel

For years there was an abandoned industrial complex where Coke used to have a bottling plant.  The architecture was gothic and the buildings had beautiful ceramic-like facades.  For a while, the city of Indianapolis used it as a bus depot.  Then it was bought by developers several years ago to turn it into a new city destination spot.  Mission accomplished as it is now opening up and attracting a lot of traffic.  These images focus on the hotel part of the project, Bottleworks Hotel.  Enjoy!










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Sunset In The Neighborhood

Debra and I were out to dinner the other night.  Upon leaving the restaurant we were blasted with this magnificent sunset.  Giant clouds and the whole sky was lit up.  The chase was on as we rushed towards home to find a good spot to shoot.  The problem with living where we are is that there are building and trees everywhere so it’s hard to get a good shot without wires and building.  Lucky for us the sunset continued for a while and we pulled into our neighborhood.  There is a lake and a building we affectionately call the Pyramids in our neighborhood.  I always have a camera in the car so I got and went to take this shot.  The camera is the Fuji X100F.  Fast and easy to use and it gave me a great image.  Just to be safe I did take one on my iPhone.  My wife got a lovely image too with hers being lower to the water.  It’s not too often we see sunsets like this.

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Blue and Red Indy

Indianapolis is my hometown.  I love to wander around the city and have fun looking for form and gesture in the architecture of the city.  I shot this image of the Marriot hotel in town with a long lens contrasting the red of the sculpture with the blue tint of the hotel.  I like looking for abstracts in architecture.

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Merry Christmas

Circle Of Lights, Indianapolis, IN
Circle Of Lights, Indianapolis, IN

It’s a nice time of year.  I will enjoy today with family and friends.  I have my youngest son with us while on leave from the Navy.  My middle son will hopefully join us by the weekend.  My oldest is still deployed to the hot spots in the mid-east and I wish him a safe Christmas day.  I will be cooking up a Beef Wellington for everyone tonight along with a Waldorf salad.  I love to cook and it should be fun.  Christmas day is a rest day.  Maybe a movie or two and just relaxing.  I wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas.

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Big Interior

Masonic Temple - Indianapolis

In downtown Indianpolis there is a huge building known as the Masonic Lodge (Temple).  I was fortunate enough to take a number of interior shots of this interesting building.  This image is 5 images stitched together. Shot with a P65+ (60 mega pixel).  You can only imagine the detail revealed in this huge image.  You can see the screw heads on the outlets.  Processed using Capture One and stitched in PhotoShop.


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Stand Pipes

Standpipes, Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN

A photographer I very much admire is Jay Maisel.  He is a typical tough New Yorker who has been shooting images forever and does so everyday.  You never and I mean never see Jay without a camera on his shoulder.  He finds a shot on the streets, in stores and anywhere he goes.  He never has the excuse I can come back and shoot it later or I’ll get next or I wish I had a camera.  His work is amazing and his philosophy towards photography inspiring.  So, why the rambling?  Because this is a classic case of seeing something and grabbing it.  These are just plain standpipes in Broad ripple are of Indy.  I saw the color, contrast and sun and had to shoot it and I let my shadow become part of the shot too.  I like the design of the shot.  Messed around with it a bit on the iPad and here is my image.  Enjoy.