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Lonely Fisherman

Lone Fisherman

This was made a while back.  I was with my friends Chris, Michael, and a few others on what we call a mancation.  It was in Newfoundland, Canada and we went out for a whale watching tour.  While we found a whale and did get some good images it was this image that I liked the best.  We went by a lone fisherman and it just lined up perfectly for the shot you see here.

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Up Close and Personal

Humpback Whale, Newfoundland, Canada

I have had the chance to see a lot of whales through my travels.  Each time is special.  I have a great collection of what I call whale tails.  These are images of the tails of whales as they expose them before a deep dive.  Water pouting off of them and just incredible.  This is a shot of a whale we were real close to in New Foundland.  We were out on a Zodiac looking for whales and whales found us.  I loved the grace of the image and the hump and curve of the whale as it swam next to us.

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Lonely Fisherman

Newfoundland Fisherman

I love this shot.  This was done off the coast of Newfoundland while out whale watching.  We saw this guy in his dory like fishing boat and it just looked so cool.  I shot a number of images of this.  It was funny because we were not finding whales and we motored up this guy and he pointed in a direction and sure enough we found the whales where he pointed.  He was a crusty rough looking fellow.

Also, The blog may have fewer posts over the next three weeks.  I fly out to Austrailia tonight and then by this weekend to New Zealand to run a PODAS workshop there.  I’l post when I can. if you’d like to follow the workshop.

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Another People Shot

A good friend commented to me yesterday how much she liked my Irish man photo.  She said I should photograph more people and show them on my blog.  So, I’ll try to show more people pictures.  This image is a fisherman from Newfoundland.  I did a few years ago but it is a nice images and a great face.  I got to thinking that I will do better at taking pictures of people.

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Fisherman’s Shack – Newfoundland

Newfoundland, Canada - Fisherman's Shack

A few years ago I explored Newfoundland with a group of photographer friends.  Same group I have explored many places with and will spend next week with.  Kind of a mancation with fellow photographers.  Anyway there were lots of opportunities for some great shots in Newfoundland and this is one I like.  Sometimes we believe we always need a sunny day to take pictures.  Some of my best are on rainy and gray days.  This was a gray foggy morning. It works.