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Old Irish School House

Old Irish School House

Old Irish School House

I was going through and doing cataloging of some of my images from the last few years and stumbled upon this one.  I have a ton of older images that I have made a vow to get organized.  So, this an abandoned school house that sits on a hill and overlooks the ocean.  The location is beautiful.  If I was a student at this school I would have been day dreaming of big ocean adventures everyday.  Guess they abandoned it because none of the students could concentrate on school work.


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What’s Ireland Without An Irishman

I am back home after a long journey yesterday.  All messed up with jet-lag but that will resolve itself in a day or so.  Have a busy week before heading to China next Wednesday.  Today’s image was shot on the street of Killanery of a typical Irishman standing on the street.

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School House On A Bluff

School House On A Bluff, Ireland

The PODAS works shop is now over and oh what a workshop it was.  It was a week of a lot of photography, good classroom sessions and lots of fun and laughs.  It’s great when you can bring fifteen photographers together from all over the world and share a similar passion.  Bidding farewell was bittersweet, but I am sure we all will meet again on a future PODAS workshop.  This photo was made with a Phase One P65+ on an ALPA camera with an extreme wide angle lens (23mm).  It is a another view from the one published the other day.  If you ever get a chance to visit Ireland, you will find a beautiful country with very friendly people.  Put it on your bucket list.

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Ireland Is Fantastic

Minard Castle Beach - Ireland

I can’t even begin to tell everything that has happened on this trip to Ireland.  I am having a great time.  The attendees on the PODAS workshop are having a blast and all of us are taking and making great photos.  The image above is a 30 second exposure taken at Minard Castle Beach.  See the Phase One PODAS blog for more details.

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Bridia Valley Ireland

Farm Wall - Bridia Valley, Ireland

This is a short post as I have just a few minutes before heading out to the next part of our PODAS adventure in ireland.  This shot was made last night in Bridia Valley, Ireland.  It’s a simple shot made with a Phase One IQ 180 on an ALPA camera with a 23mm lens.  Just works.  Visit for more images.



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