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Abstract Bow

Abstract svalbard

I am always looking for the picture in the picture.  This is a photo of an old beached boat on a beach in Svalbard.  What I like to od is shoot the picture of the larger subject (the boat) itself then go in close and start to look for new compositions.  Sometimes I use a long lens like the 100-400nn lens.  In this shot, I saw the bow of the ship as it’s own abstract photo.  I moved back a bit and zoomed in with the telephoto lens to compress the image a bit.  Then I shot it.  At first, if you see the images you might not know what it is.  This forces the viewer to stop for a minute to figure it out. Some people may not even figure it out.  I like this subject as it has a lot of things I like, such as rust and peeling paint.  Enjoy.

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Architectural Abstracts

I love cities for a lot of reasons, especially for all they offer a photographer in subjects that can be photographed.  I take walks on the streets early in the morning and shoot people, buildings, light and shadow and even elements like door knobs.  I usually work with long lenses.  These were taken with a Fuji XT2 and a 100-400 zoom.