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Valparaiso Doors – With Video

There is a city in Chile that is about a two-hour drive from Santiago called Valparaiso.  It’s a great name as there is a city here in Indiana named the some.  Valparaiso in Chile is a city built on a number of hills.  It’s. port city and until the Panama canal opened up years ago it was one of the busiest ports in South America.  It’s also known now as a city of graffiti.  Essentially the whole city is a street art gallery that graffiti artists have made a joy to walk through.  I have added some images here for you to enjoy.  I also have a video of my visit to Valparaiso that is fun to watch.  You can find the video The Streets Of Valparaiso HERE





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For The Love Of Penguins

Chin Strap Penguins jumping onto an iceberg


These are two penguin photos I made on my last trip to Antarctica in February 2020.  They were photographed with the Sony a7r iv and have a ton of detail.  I processed these in Capture One 20 and used shadow recovery to bring out details in the black feathers and needed to highlight recovery in the white area of the penguin.  I shot a lot of penguin photos and I always look for something different.

The top image was made from our ship as we passed an iceberg and the penguins were jumping onto an iceberg.

The image below was made onshore and it is a young penguin who is molting and trying to groom itself.

Molting penguin grooming itself



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Dramatic Icebergs

Dramatic Iceberg.  One thing I like to do is play with my iceberg images and find new ways to create a different view of an iceberg.  I will be doing an article on where I show this iceberg in more than a dozen different ways.  Look for that soon.  These giant icebergs always give me new ways of seeing.  These are unique images.  Unlike many landscape photos these photos are dynamic.  Within a few days, this iceberg will take on a whole different look.  It may break apart and it may flip over.  Either way, these icebergs define what Antarctica is all about –  A dynamic Landscape.

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Big Blue


big blu
Big Blue


Planaeu Bay, Antarctica, the iceberg graveyard.  This is a great place to visit and one place that I have done some of my best iceberg photos.  This bay is full of grounded icebergs and once they get grounded they begin to erode and naturally make beautiful sculptured giant pieces of ice.  This was made with a Sony a7r iv and 100-400mm lens.  I’ll be sharing some close-ups of the ice in some future photos.

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Rusted Whale Oil Tank

whale oil tank in Antarctica

Rust, rust, rust . .  I love rust and especially the rust of Antarctica.  This photo was made on Deception Island in Antarctica.  I have been working on a whole series of rust in Antarctica and it will be part of an upcoming article where I share my different rust images.   I liked this one with the ladder and graffiti.  Funny to see graffiti even in Antarctica. Photographed with a Sony a75iv and 100-400mm zoom lens.

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Punta Arenas Cemetery

Every year that I go to Antarctica I arrive in the city of Punta Arenas, Chile a day early so I can spend some time at the cemetery there photographing the incredible location.  National Geographic lists this cemetery as one of the most beautiful in the world.  It’s very different,  spooking and yet a gorgeous place to visit.  This image is one of many I will share.  It’s of the tomb of one of the regional leaders and has been descritated with red paint as part of a nationwide protest against the government of Chile.  This is very visible around the country no matter where you go.

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Penguin Express

I just completed an Antarctica Expedition with 30 clients.  It was a super trip and I have come home with a ton of photos.  These photographs were made while we were traveling from one location to another.  We were having dinner and saw this iceberg with penguins go by.  The Captain immediately turns the ship around and we approached this iceberg.  The penguins were jumping onto it and it was fin to watch as many took several tries to get up.  It was dusk and very dark and I was fortunate to be shooting with a Sony a7r4 which has terrific high ISO capability.  These are two of my favorites that I hope to make large prints of next week.  I’ll also have more photos, an article or two and videos that will appear on in the near future.