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Rusty Junk

On every trip I make to Svalbard, I make a point to visit a place called Pyramiden.  It’s an abandoned Russian Coal Mine City.  The place is fascinating as it looks like one day they just closed the place and everyone left.  I am working on a book and portfolio of this place.  This image was one of those compositions that caught my eye.  As you may know if you follow my posts I am very big into rust and abandoned things.  The Russians are trying to clean up this place and they are tearing out pipes, wires, and such and all of this has just been left to rust in giant piles.  Look for more from this place in the future.

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The Lonely Piano

Lone Piano, Music room in the community center of Pyramiden, Svalbard

A long boat ride from Longyearbyen, Svalbard sits an abandoned city that was once a thriving Russian coal mine.  I have visited this location on just about every visit I have made to Svalbard.  It’s an incredible place and is a ton of fun to photograph in.  This is an image from the community center’s music room.  I’ll have more images from this amazing place in the coming weeks.