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Nature Reclaims Her World

Life Out Of Rust
Life out of an old rusted train car

Nature has patience.  And, with all my travels I have seen many times how nature reclaims what is here.  Whether it be a Forrest devastated by. fire, an abandoned house or rusty and rotting machines.  Mother nature always wins.  She has immense patience.  In this image, I was walking through a train yeard looking for abstract photo opportunities.  I stopped at this one train car and found this. A small but of a plant of some kind growing in the rusty dust form the boxcar door of this train.  Nature always finds a way.

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Big Train In Oregon

Sometimes it’s not always the landscape that I shoot.  i enjoy photographing many things.  While in Oregon along the Columbia River we re we shooting the river and fall colors.  I hear the horn of a train and luckily we were position below a set of train tracks that run along the river.   I set myself up wanting to see how well continuous autofocus on my camera works and prepare for the train I heard coming.  In about a minute this giant mile long train come rushing by.  This is the shot I like the best.  Low angle and fills the frame just right.  Ends up making. pretty cool image.

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Morant’s Curve

Morant's Curve, The Canadian Rockies
Morant’s Curve, The Canadian Rockies

In the Canadian Rockies there is a lot to photograph.  One of the iconic places is this location called Morant’s Curve.  Railroad tracks run north to south and you can catch the trains going both directions.  Todays image is of a northbound train.  You can see this magnificent landscape and smell the diesel and hear the noise.  Pretty cool place to do train watching.

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Hogwarts Train

Hogwarts Train, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Loch Sheil, Scotland
Hogwarts Train, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Loch Sheil, Scotland

It’s not too often when you see a movie that you expect that you will actually one day photograph something that was in the movie.  This image is of the Hogwarts Train shot in Loch Shiel, Scotland.  The bridge is known as Glenfinnan Viaduct.  This was made with a Phase One IQ180 digital back on an ALPA STC camera.  The detail in the large image I have made is astounding.

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Live From Decay

20061020_trains_-0154 wcrNature has a way of claiming what is hers.  So many times in my travels I see nature taking back what was hers.  This was very evident in this shot.  I stumbled upon an old box car and it was rusting away.  Out of the rust was the beginnings of a new plant.  Maybe in 50 years there won’t be anything but a pile of rust and dirt and a lot of new plants.  Made with an IQ180 camera from Phase One.