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Polar Bears Jumping

I presume you may know that I also run workshops to amazing locations all around the world.  You can find these workshops at Rockhopper Workshops.  One of the places we visit is the Arctic and what an amazing place it is.  These two polar bears were photographed on one of my Svalbard workshops a few years ago.  On these workshops, we sometimes drive our small ship deep into the arctic ice and search for polar bears.  We get real close and shut the engines down and drift and if we are lucky polar bears come to us.  This polar bear was photographed from about fifty feet off of the ship.  The bear was jumping from ice flow to ice flow and sometimes even swimming.  These are magnificent animal.s

I still have room on my August 2020 workshop and info can be found at Rockhopper Workshops.  Maybe you’d consider joining us.

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God Beam

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

This November I am holding a very special photo workshop in Arizona covering Monument Valley and The Slot Canyons near Page.  At aPAge we will be shooting some amazing canyons and a few no tourists go to.  This is a shot in Antelope with the beam of sunshine going through.  I like this one because it is passing through and not landing on the floor of the canyon or wall.  Shot with an IQ 180 this image has amazing detail.