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Always Turn Around

If there is one thing I teach while doing workshops is that you must always be looking. You need to look behind you, around you and even what’s at your feet.  Too often photographers get so engaged with what is in front of them, tat they miss the real shot that may be actually behind them.  This image is one of those.  I was shooting at the grand canyon looking at this beautiful overlook being lit by the sun set.  I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I forgot to look behind me.  When I did this is the image I saw.  So, always be looking.

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The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, A different look

Sometimes images of famous well know locations can be so clichéd.   So when I shoot some of these locations I try to see it differently and have some fun with the image to change it up a bit and get folks to stop and look. This is a classic Grand Canyon shot, where I used a long lens and cropped the sky out. Then using a number of different apps and Photoshop I came up with this look.  A little soft, lots of color and somewhat surreal.