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Happy Car

Happy Car, Carmel, Car Show, Indiana
Happy Car, Carmel, Car Show, Indiana

This is just a fun shot. Made at the auto show that is right up the street from my house. I love shooting all the cars and trying to find unique angles and clever shots. Sometimes I shoot the engine, or the light paying on the curves of the car body. But, this one just looked fun.

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Fun At A Car Show

Headlight On A Classic Car

Once a year the Arts District where I live (Carmel, IN) holds a classic car show.  It is a big draw and a lot of fun to see all the cool cars that are on display.  Like all things in Carmel, it has a certain charm and small town feel.  I love going to see what I can find to take pictures of.  I look for different angles and views that are typical snapshots.  Nothing new with that but I love cars with their curves and angles.  So here is the first image.  I’ll post more soon.