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Magical Bryce

Bryce National PArk

Bryce National PArk

Bryce National PArk is a rather small park but certainly offers up some spectacular sights.  As with all National Parks I visit, I love the beauty of them but as a photographer I get frustrated with the clichéd feeling of pictures.  Certainly it is great to be able to take a photo from the same location many famous landscape photographers have made their images.  So, when I find myself shooting at the locations I do everything I can to get something different.  Something that is from a new angle, with a different lens or different lighting.  If I can walk away with a different but still recognizable image then I have accomplished part of my mission. This image was made at Bryce but done with a long lens and isolates a certain part of the Hoodoos.  Light also played a factor in this image giving the hillside I was shooting a very special glow.

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Norwegian Ice

Glacier, Norway

I am excited because I leave in a few hours for my 40th class reunion back in Wayne, PA.   HArd to believe it has been 40 years.  I’ll be meeting up with some old firefighting buddies and visiting some people I haven’t seen in a very long tome.  Best of all I’ll be eating breakfast at my all time favorite breakfast place Joe’s Place.  Three mornings of breakfasts there should do me for a while.  Today’s image is from a glacier in Norway.  Light and the color of the ice make it a beautiful image.

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The Wall

Zion National Park, The Wall

This is one of the canyon walls in Zion National Park.  Amazing colors and growth.  I love Zion as there is so much to shoot and it is such a small park. As I said in a previous post I have a number of Zion images that will be seeing some attention. This was shot early November a few years ago. Shot with a Phase One P65+ it has amazing micro detail. The big print of this image is just gorgeous.

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More Zion

Zion National Park in the fall

The last week in October and first week in November is a great time to visit Zion National Park. The colors are changing, the weather is great and the light is beautiful. I have been working on some of my older files and the last few evenings I have been doing Zion images. So expect more. This was shot with a P45+ and a Phase One camera.

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A Classic

I say classic as this image was made on a bridge overlooking a stream and at sunset there will be 50 photographers on this bridge trying to capture this shot. The one above was made by taking six images and stitching them together. I used Capture One to balance the shadows and highlights from just one exposure. It helps it was taken on a Phase One P45+ as the dynamic range of all Phase One backs is so good. I have been re-working a lot of my images and I’ll post another Zion picture tonight.


Slot Canyons

Lower Antelope Canyon, PAge, AZ

This is another image from large library of clot cannon images.  This was done at Lower Antelope canyon and shot with a Phase One P45+.  This camera is capable of long exposures with great success.  These canyons are so cool.  As light comes down from below some of the colors are absorbed by the orange sandstone and lots of blue is left in the light to hight light some of the area.  I just love the way all this color works.


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Big Bend

Big Bend National Park

This is an image shot a National Park that doesn’t get much attention except for the number of illegals that travel across it.  Big Bend National Park in Texas is one of those hard to get to and not so well know parks.  Plenty of stuff there to shoot though.  This was done during lazy and hazy sunset.  Was kind of cool to see all the layers that presented themselves.

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Algonquin Park Shore Line

Algonquin Park, Canada, Fall Color

I have been doing what every photographer should do is going through old images and archive them off to a second drive to be stored elsewhere.  Also, I am in the middle of a project for a massive web site change.  So, as I am going through my files I am finding tons of old but good shots. Here is one from 2004 shot on a Phase One P25 camera.  I love the colors, contrast, birch trees and how it all sits on a very steep hillside.

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Today It’s Rocks

Rock Formation, Big Bend, TX

After posting a very popular image from yesterday of an Iceberg, I though I would go another direction and put up some cool rocks.  There were shot in Big Bend National park an number of years ago.  There were some great formations there.  I likes the way the rooks seemed to be piled as if god was just having fun stacking them in certain spots.  This formation I like with the sky, shadow and look.


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Norwegian Glacial Valley

Glacial Valley, Norway

One of the locations I want to do a PODAS workshop at next year will be Norway.  I was there a few years ago and have tremendously nice images from the trip.  This is one shot near the base of a still active glacier looking down the valley that the glacier once occupied.  The small puddle of water on the rock kind of sets a nice foreground for the distant valley.  If I remember this was shot with a P45+.

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Norway Sunset

Norway - Sunset

I haven’t published images from Norway for a while.  Norway is one of those unknown but very beautiful countries. Waterfalls, fiords, valleys and magnificent landscapes are all over the place.  This shot was made at sunset over a lake and a valley carved out by a glacier a long time ago.  Shot with a Phase One P45+.  I want to go back with my 80 megapixel IQ180 and shoot there.

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Subtle Antelope

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, is a magical place.  I have published other Antelope images on the forum here before.  Today’s shot I like because it is more subtle, not as contrasty.  You could spend days in the slot canyons and not catch every possible angle.  Seeing the right shot can be difficult though.  Put this place on your must see place.


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