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Big Bend

Big Bend National Park

This is an image shot a National Park that doesn’t get much attention except for the number of illegals that travel across it.  Big Bend National Park in Texas is one of those hard to get to and not so well know parks.  Plenty of stuff there to shoot though.  This was done during lazy and hazy sunset.  Was kind of cool to see all the layers that presented themselves.

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Today It’s Rocks

Rock Formation, Big Bend, TX

After posting a very popular image from yesterday of an Iceberg, I though I would go another direction and put up some cool rocks.  There were shot in Big Bend National park an number of years ago.  There were some great formations there.  I likes the way the rooks seemed to be piled as if god was just having fun stacking them in certain spots.  This formation I like with the sky, shadow and look.


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I’m Back More to Less

Big Bend NAtional Park, Texas

As you have noticed I have been absent for a few days.  I just had surgery to my knee and shoulder.  It has really town me for a loop to say the least.  The knee seems to be heeling well.  I am getting around slowly.  The shoulder is very sore and in a  sling which makes typing and such difficult.  It will be a lengthy recovery but hopefully I’ll use my shoulder again.  Pain pills and taking it easy with lots of ice packs seems to be working.  Today I am going back to work again and also doing a blog post which I hope to get on track again.  Today’s image was shot with a P45+ in Beg Bend National PArk and then I played with it a bit in SnapSeed on my iPad.  If you get a chance visit Big Bend.  It’s a huge National Park out of the way and not visited by many.