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Magical Bryce

Bryce National PArk
Bryce National PArk

Bryce National PArk is a rather small park but certainly offers up some spectacular sights.  As with all National Parks I visit, I love the beauty of them but as a photographer I get frustrated with the clichéd feeling of pictures.  Certainly it is great to be able to take a photo from the same location many famous landscape photographers have made their images.  So, when I find myself shooting at the locations I do everything I can to get something different.  Something that is from a new angle, with a different lens or different lighting.  If I can walk away with a different but still recognizable image then I have accomplished part of my mission. This image was made at Bryce but done with a long lens and isolates a certain part of the Hoodoos.  Light also played a factor in this image giving the hillside I was shooting a very special glow.

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  1. Kevin,
    I have been to Bryce and agree a long lens is the way to go. It is not was to photograph in a way that conveys the impact.
    Frankly, I have been disappointed with so many attempts to capture this park. Yours is the first that does it so well.
    As I have blown such pictures to huge sizes, which your file resolution allows, I have moved to doing triptychs and diptychs as a way of making people concentrate on what they are seeing, and to allow for easier framing and shipping.

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