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Fill Her Up

First let me apologize for any regular readers that it has been so long since I posted.  I was on a. 3 week plus road trip without any significant internet.  So, now it is catch up time.  This image is the hot air balloon that I’m about to ride in being filled up with hot air.  I’m inside with the flame coming right at me.  Lots of fun.


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Hot Air Ballooning in Sedona

I was recently invited to a Sony event to try out the new Sony a7r III camera.  Quite the camera and full of features to make any photography lust for it.  On the article part of the site you can find some articles on this camera and trip with more coming.  In any case here is a fun photo of me just prior to taking off.

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Slot Canyons – Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

This is a shot inside Antelope Canyon. I’ll be leading a workshop to shoot both Upper and Lower Antelope plus 6 other private canyons in November. This was shot with a Phase One IQ camera system. Not to mention it is 80 mega pixels but also it gives an image with incredible Dynamic range that allows all the details in highlights and shadows to be captured. This just can’t be done with a DSLR type camera. I have quite a collection of slot canyon images now.