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Silo City And The Human

Below The Silo, Silo City, Buffalo, NY

This image was part of one of my more favorite days of photography.  This image was made in Buffalo NY at Silo City.  Silo City is a major complex of mostly abandoned gigantic grain silos.  A friend Mark Maio, holds annual workshops at this location and you are given full access to the complex.  If you are into the urbanex type of photography you’ll find this location a dream come true.  I have been to this location an number of times and never tire of it.  On this particular trip, I hired a model for a half a day and we had a blast photographing in as many places as we could find.

This one location which is below a silo over a hundred feet tall.  I loved the chutes and light and asked the model to pose in ways that mimicked these machines.  The backlight was just right and the symmetry of the columns all lead to a cool image in the end.

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Having Fun In Santa Barbara

This past week I was off the grid at an event held by Sony. The evnt was for thepress like myself to preview two new lenses the 12-24 and the 16-35mm.  Both are outsanding lenses.  I also tried out the 100-400mm.  The shots below were made with the 70-200mm and shot on the new a9 camera.  I loved the opportunity to shoot a model.  I used Capture One and a number of layers to get the look of the final image.

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I Made Her Fly

FB_DSF0183-retLast spring I visited Buffalo, New York and participated in a workshop at Silo City.  This is a complex of old abandoned grain elevators.  I hired a model one day there and did a large number of images.  it was good to get back to taking images of people.  On this image I wanted to make the model levitate off the floor.  It worked pretty well.  It was fun too.

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Ghosts In The Silos

Girl and Silos
Girl and Silos

While shooting this massive silo complex in Buffalo this past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot some models provide by another photographer that was there.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed shooting people and maybe it’s time to do more of that kind of shooting.  Here is one of my images from hundreds that I shot while there.