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On The Way To Olympic National Park

Bainbridge Ferry, Seattle, WA

It has been a rainy free days in Seattle. Typical. So, early Saturday morning I am in line to catch a ferry to Bainbridge Island and start my two day trip through ONP. I see the fireboat and ferry coming in with the pink in the clouds, hinting at sin some sun. Bam, got the shot. Color, composition, everything just worked for that one moment. The ONP is going to make a great location for an upcoming PODAS workshop this fall. Hard to take any photos yesterday as it rained the whole time and I mean heavy rain. I am about to head out the door with the Phase One IQ180 and ALPA set up and hopefully today get some decent images. Let’s see what I come back with.

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Old Boat

Boat At Seattle Maritime Museum

One day while visiting Seattle I decide that everything I shot I would do in HDR.  I also decided to do this technique with the gritty look.  Needed to get it out of my system I suppose.  So, this was shot of an old boat at a maritime museum with three different exposures.  They were then blended in photomatix.

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Black and White Art

Sailboat In Seattle

Sometimes we forget the beauty of Black & White photography. This photograph was shot digitally and the converted to Black & White. I used several steps in Photoshop to give it this etherial look.  Hope you enjoy it. It was photographed in a harbor in Seattle.  It was a small sailboat at a maritime museum.

For the next several days the blog will be on Auto Pilot as I head into the Australia Outback. I should re-surface with internet connection next week on Monday. So until then enjoy the posting I have prepared.