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New Orleans Cemetery

When I travel I like to visit places that define the region.  In New Orleans because of high water tables, they don’t bury their dead but use methods like crypts and mausoleums.   They are very interesting to photograph.  I have visited some of the world’s most famous cemeteries like in Buenos Aires and Punta Arenas.  These locations are gorgeous properties and they also use mausoleums for their dead.  In any case, this image shows one of the areas of one of the many city cemeteries.

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The Tower In Copenhagen

I love Denmark and especially in Copenhagen.  It’s one of the coolest cities in Europe and I have made dozens of trips there.  One place I always enjoy visiting is the round tower.  If I have my facts right a long time ago a Danish King wanted to have a tower he could drive his carriage up to with his wife to oversee the city.  So, he built this tower with a circular roadway made of cobblestones that he could drive his carriage up.  I guess things are a bit different today.  I love walking up this tower and when you get to the top there is a 360-degree view of the city.  If you visit Copenhagen make sure to do this attraction.

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Statue Of Liberty In Vegas

Statue of liberty

Street photography is something I really enjoy.  I am not just a landscape photographer, but a photographer of all things I see.  Las Vegas is a city that bothers me. I can’t take more than 3 days there and if I am in Vegas it is for business.  One of my biggest side benefits is to walk the streets and I mean miles of walking at a slow pace capturing the life around me.  I look for people, light and shadow and some of the outrageous things.  The Statue Of Liberty at the New Yor Hotel is just one of those.  On my walk, the light was really nice and I had to shoot it.  I like the angle and light and the way I processed this.  I had tried several different looks and settles on this one.


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Snow Fences

Snow Fences in Hoakkaido

I was in Japan in February running a workshop on the Island of Hokkaido.  This is an amazing and stunning location. We decided to drive north on the east side of the island until we couldn’t go any further.  The mission was to find the fox, but there was none to be found.  Instead, we found these avalanche fences on the hillsides in fresh snow.  The patterns and a very monochromatic landscape pushed me to think BW, and that is what I used in making my series on Snow Fences.  Here is one of the images. Shot with a Fuji

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Japanese Owls

Owls, Hokkaido, Japan

A few months ago I visited Hokkaido, Japan to lead a small workshop of photographers.  it was a great experience and I have to say Hokkaido is an amazingly beautiful region.  I look forward to returning someday in the future.  This image was made with the Fuji Xt3 and 100-400mm lens with a 1.4 extender on it.