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Bringing Home Breakfast

I have been in Naples, FL the last few days.  It’s been a fun time and a chance to relax a bit (sort of).  Today the family went for a boat ride.  We came across an Osprey nest on a channel marker.  We got as close as we could and as we did so dad came home with a fish for his baby as mom looked on.  Kind of cool to see.  This was shot with a Sony a6500 which I was testing with a 70-200mm G-master zoom.

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Key West Sunset

Every few years I manage to get down to the Keys and especially Key West. Yesterday I visited Key West with two friends and enjoyed a day of wandering the streets, eating ice cream drinking beer and celebrating sunset. Key west is an odd place with its own charm. There is plenty to do and lots of partying after dark. Each day at sunset there is a sunset celebration on the wharf and it is quite an event. There are street performer acts with cats, knifes, fire, and escape artists. Fun to watch. And, while all this is going on folks are drinking and watching for the green flash, which by the way we all saw last night. This is a shot I did during the sunset. Nothing too spectacular but it is sunset in Key West.