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New Zealand Day 1

Sunset - Queenstown, New Zealand

So, I arrived in new Zealand today and picked up the rental car and went to the house we rented for a few days so we can prepare for the PODAS workshop that starts on Wednesday. The house is on the top of a mountain and looks down on Queenstown.   So I unpacked my Phase One back (iq180) and ALPA camera and captured this image. This area is just amazing and I have been told we haven’t even begun to explore the possible locations. I have two weeks of shooting here and after tonight I am anxious to see what is next. So, stay tuned it will be an amazing time here.

4 thoughts on “New Zealand Day 1

  1. Fantastic image Kevin and it looks like a great location. Hope the trip goes well.

  2. Great shot Kevin. Looks like a wonderful location – hope the PODAS trip gos well.

  3. Whoops! Excuse the dual post – put it down to old age!!!!!!!

  4. Would like to be there …

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