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It Just Keeps Getting Better

Glacial Lagoon of Jokulsarlon

We made it to Skaftafell with a few stops along the way.  We enjoyed a dinner and we left for sunset at the Glacial Lagoon of Jokulsarlon.  We spent hours there as the sun set finally at 11:20PM.  Then we waited for sunrise that we eventually skipped due to weather that moved in.  No one complained as they caught up on some much needed sleep.  This is a PODAS and sleep is optional.  We did a Capture One tutorial seesion this morning folloed by lunch and time to work on images. This afternoon we will head out to shoot Glaciers and waterfalls.  This will be followed by dinner and an early night to bed as we head out at 2:45 AM to shoot icebergs on the beach.  We did a Capture One session today and we saw the images being created on this trip by the attendees and they are very good.  Below and above are some of the images of attendees and places we visited.


The Iceland Adventure Continues

Seljalandsfoss – Falls in Icealnd

After a day of gale force winds and rain the weather cleared and we got into the photography part of this Iceland PODAS at 150%.  We were on the rode Sunday at 2AM, yes 2AM and we didn’t stop until 11PM that night.  We covered a lot of ground.  We explored and photographed the coastline of Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  There was a black church with a sunrise behind it, a small fishing village, spectacular coastline and more.  We then moved onward towards Hvolsvollur where will stay one night.  In the evening we explored Seljalandsfoss falls.  On Monday we will explore the coastline near Vik and Dyrholaey and then head towards Skaftafell where we will spend the next three days.  Today as we head out we are expecting to be photographing way into the next morning as we do sunset and sunrise at the Glacial Lagoon and beach at Jokulsarlon.  In the coming days we have more waterfalls and spectacular mountain settings to photograph.  We will also be doing some more classroom lectures.  As with all PODAS workshops the agenda is packed and non-stop.

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In Iceland

Hraunfossar Barnafoss – waterfalls that flow from a lava field

We awoke to a mixed bag of weather typical Iceland style.  After loading the vehicles we began our journey to Stykkisholmur which is a peninsula in Iceland.  We will be expiring this area for the next few days before heading south.  On the way we visited an amazing set of waterfalls that for the most part flow out and from a lava field.  The area is know as Hraunfossar Barnafoss. After spending a time there we continued our journey and the weather turned into gael force winds.  We battled these winds all the way to the hotel.  We will be exploring the coastline and a small glacier today.  After dinner last evening Peter Eastway kicked off the lecture part with a stimulating program with his photography and what you can do to make an image better.

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Door Number ONE

Door Number One

I was having with my iPhone on a recent trip to Saugatuck, MI and stumbled upon this abandoned hotel.  Each door was painted a different color.  Someone with some imagination could thell this property had potential.  I did some overall shots and panos but this shot floated to the top.  Simple, the growth out from, door not centered.  It just works.

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A Bit More Of Iceland

Waterfall, Iceland

I leave Monday for Iceland.  Postings here may be limited as I will have limited internet connections where I will be traveling.  This is the base of a waterfall in Iceland.  There are so many and here I tried to capture the beauty of the falls as it reaches bottom and cascades off of the rocks.

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Iceland Just A Few Days Off

Black sand and Icebergs, Iceland

I just got back at 3AM last night from Arizona doing the prep work for the November PODAS workshop – Monuments and Canyons.  I’ll share more when we launch the details soon.  On Monday I leave for a nary two week trip in Iceland.  I am leading a PODAS workshop there and we will have a spectacular time and with 21 hours of daylight we’ll be shooting and not sleeping.  Todays photo was made on a beach where icebergs wash up.  It’s really quite a sight to see.  Look for more and follow the workshop as we blog it at the link HERE.

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Monument Valley Classic

Classic Monument Valley

I am winding my trip down in AZ and heading home tomorrow.  I have a few more meetings today to arrange hotels and back country tours then I am home.  Sunday I will be attending Art Wolfe’s program in Chicago.  Art is a good friend and one of the finest outdoor photographers on the plane.  His talks are truly inspiring.  Art has taught on PODAS workshops and will be featured on a few terrific ones for 2012.  Today shot was made in Monument Valley on the loop road at sunset.  Just a crazy place to be when the light starts to change.

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Another Canyon Shot

Upper Antelope Canyon, Page,AZ

Damn, I am having fun with yesterday’s images.  Shot a ton with my Phase One IQ 180 camera.  That’s 80 megapixel shots of the canyon. Incredible detail.  Here is another shot done in the canyon with rays.  The place was very busy so getting good images meant lots of patience.  Long exposures, dusty environment.  But such beautiful light.

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Magic Light

God Rays, Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

I am out in Arizona working on the details for a November PODAS workshop.  It will include the Monument Valley area and Slot Canyons of Page, AZ.  Today I spent some time in Upper Antelope canyon shooting and checking it out.  There are two canyons upper and lower and both are great places for photos.  On the workshop not only will we spend time in each of these but we also visit some canyons that you only can see if you know the right people.  The same goes for Monument Valley.  I’ll post information about this workshop when I have all the details.  This is just one cool image with sun rays shooting to the canyon floor.  I have a lot of keepers from today.

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Monument Valley Classic

Classic Monument Valley

Monument Valley located in Southern Utah and bordering on the AZ line.  A Navajo reservation with some absolutely spectacular natural stone formations.  There are many ways to see this magnificent place.  There are tours and a 14 mile road you can drive yourself and stop along the way.  Or, you can take a PODAS photography workshop and experience with the best instructors and cameras there are.  I’ll be posting a few more images over the next few days.

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Big Boat

Great Lakes Steamer, Saugatuck, MI

This is a B&W shot of an old Great Lakes Steamer.  It has been in Saugatuck, MI for what seems forever.  It’s rusting and falling apart.  On June 4th they are moving this boat to a new location in Canada and will be restoring it.  That will be quite a site as it is towed out the river.  Wish I could be there, but I will be in Iceland.


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