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Beam Me Up Scotty

Beams, Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

This shot was made in Lower Antelope and depending on the time of year and time of day you may be lucky enough to get these beautiful rays of light that come through from the top of the canyon to the floor. Throw some sand in the air let things settle and shoot. This si what you get. If you are lucky. I have a lot of great beam shots in the slot canyons and here is one f them. Warning if you visit the crowds can be huge, especially Japanese tourists so let your guides hold back traffic and be ready to shoot quick. A tripod is a must.  This was shot with a Phase One IQ180 camera and a 55mm lens.

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Another Canyon Shot

Upper Antelope Canyon, Page,AZ

Damn, I am having fun with yesterday’s images.  Shot a ton with my Phase One IQ 180 camera.  That’s 80 megapixel shots of the canyon. Incredible detail.  Here is another shot done in the canyon with rays.  The place was very busy so getting good images meant lots of patience.  Long exposures, dusty environment.  But such beautiful light.

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Magic Light

God Rays, Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

I am out in Arizona working on the details for a November PODAS workshop.  It will include the Monument Valley area and Slot Canyons of Page, AZ.  Today I spent some time in Upper Antelope canyon shooting and checking it out.  There are two canyons upper and lower and both are great places for photos.  On the workshop not only will we spend time in each of these but we also visit some canyons that you only can see if you know the right people.  The same goes for Monument Valley.  I’ll post information about this workshop when I have all the details.  This is just one cool image with sun rays shooting to the canyon floor.  I have a lot of keepers from today.