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Old Abandoned Hotel, San Miguel, Mexico

Here is another shot made at the abandoned hotel in San Miguel, Mexico.  This was such a fun place to shoot.  I embellished the image a bit to add to the mood and overall despair of this building.  Shot with a Phase One IQ180 this image has spectacular detail and allows me to hold the dynamic exposure range of highlights to shadows.

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The Old Keys Bridge

Old Railroad Bridge, Key West, FL

Have you ever visited the FL Keys?  Interesting place for sure and even more interesting people.  Funny how the different ones drift off to places like the Keys.  The Fl, keys have just one main road and it will take you on a slow meandering drive to the southern most point in the US>   Key West is a small tropical type of town with tons of bars and interesting people.  You never know what you are going to see.  In the evenings at sunset there is the sunset festival and every night you can gather on the docks and be entertained by street performers sip a beer and watch the sunset.  Quite a lot of fun.  This image is a portion of the old railroad bridge that used to run all the way to Key West.