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Light Bulb

Light Bulb - Palouse Area, Washington

One of the cool things about the Palouse is there are a lot of old things just left sitting out.  I found an old barn and in this barn was an old truck, tools and all sorts of cool stuff.  Magazines dated back to 1945.  What a place.  I shot the heck out of this place and you will see more photos.  This one is so simple it works.  A light bulb.  An old light hanging from the ceiling.  I hope you like the subtly of it.

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This Is The Palouse

Classic Palouse

The above image pretty much says it all about the Palouse. I head home after a week here shooting and leading a PODAS workshop.  It was a lot of fun. We had 28 attendees from around the world and made some new friends. Photography open so many doors and it so much fun to meet people who have the same passion. What a great week.

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Harvest Time

Harvest Time - Palouse I am about to leave the Palouse after a terrific workshop. The attendees were great and the photography was outstanding. So much fun and a lot of great new friends. I don’t even know where to begin to describe this event and the images made during the event. All good. You’ll se more here over the coming weeks. Today’s image is what the Palouse is all about. The harvest of wheat and other crops. It is an amazing place and you just have to explore it, take a dirt road and see where it leads you. The light is magical and the landscape goes on forever. Check out the PODAS blog for more pictures.

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Palouse Truck

Old Truck in Palouse, WA

As you may know by reading the blog I am in the Palouse running a fun and exciting workshop. Visit to view the images and activities. This image was taken at a property near endicott. This very nice and interesting man has built an old time Texaco gas station out in the middle of no where. There are old cars, old gas pumps and other cool stuff. This is the from of one of the old cars. There are so many good images coming out of this trip. I’ll have more soon.

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The Palouse

The Palouse

Tucked away in the Southeast corner of Washington is an area known as the Palouse.  It is roughly a three country region of the most fertile soil in america.  It’s also a photographers paradise.  Gently rolling hills, big skies, farmland, plowed fields as far as the eye can see.  Throw in old barns, lonely trees and abandoned properties and you have a place that a photographer loves.  I am leading a PODAS Photography Workshop in the region for the next week.  There are 28 attendees and with staff and wives I am guiding 40 people.  I have a team of great instructors and staff.  I’ll try to post an new image from the thrip each day.  Here is an image then on a trip in the spring.  You can also follow this trip in more detail BY CLICKING HERE.

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Red Light

Red Light, Neon Graveyard, Las Vegas, NV

A quick update, tomorrow I head out for an 8 day adventure in the Palouse.  This is a region in SE Washington state that is a very beautiful area to shoot landscape pictures.  I’ll be leading a PODAS workshop there with 28 attendees and 5 great instructors.  I’ll update my blogs as often as I can.  So starting tomorrow look for PODAS Palouse images.  You can follow our blog for this trip at the PODAS Blog by clicking here.  The blog will begin on Wed.

Today’s picture was made in the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, where old signs from the strip go where they are torn down.  I focused on a red light bulb and then enhanced it in a few apps on the iPad.  Kind of different so I thought I would share.

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Another View

Sunset Pano, August 2011, Marathon, FL

The other day I post a spectacular sunset shot.  Today I post the pano version of the same sunset.  My son and I were driving down the US1 Highway in the FL, Keys heading to Marathon.  We had to pull over and shoot this.  iPhone shot stitched and then enhances a bit on the iPad.  This stuff is so much fun.


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Big Ass Yellow Truck

Big Yellow and Rusty Truck

So, what do you do when you go to an industrial site (Gravel Quarry) and want to make the place look gritty and sort of apocalyptic?  You use a good camera and some of the app you can find on the iPad.  This shot was of a big old dump truck at the quarry, obviously not used much.  I shot a variety of angles of it and this is the one I selected.  I like the flat tire, low angle, and the hose coming off of it.  I pulled the image into the iPAd and used SNapSpeed to adjust the drama, grit, and selective colors.  Enjoy!

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Old Boat

Boat At Seattle Maritime Museum

One day while visiting Seattle I decide that everything I shot I would do in HDR.  I also decided to do this technique with the gritty look.  Needed to get it out of my system I suppose.  So, this was shot of an old boat at a maritime museum with three different exposures.  They were then blended in photomatix.

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Machine #1

Some Kind Of Machine - Gravel Pit, Indiana

A few weeks ago I spent a few hours ay a local gravel pit right before a thunderstorm .   The light was beautiful and there was all sort of things to shoot.  This shot was originally made on a GH2.  I imported the photo into the iPad and worked on in SnapSeed a great app to manipulate images.  I wanted to portray a kind of scaryy, abandoned what is this machine look.  I also cropped it tight and almost square.  I added some tonality to it also.  So, What is IT?


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Chicago Building

Building - Chicago, IL

Working for Phase One I host and lead photo workshops all over the world. During our recent workshop PODAS we concentrated on Architecture Photography. We shot a lot of building and this is one of them. I like the composition with foreground as well as the reflection. It was shot with an IQ180 (80  megapixel) camera and perspective was corrected in Capture One. Then I played a bit with the image on the iPad before publishing here.


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