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Ice Cave Cieling

FB_DSC0185-613-clrtyOne of our highlights on the Iceland trip was visiting an Ice Cave.  Not only was the experience of getting to the cave fun but the cave was pretty cool too.  We had to use big four-wheeled drive vehicles to get these and then once there get into all sort of gear.  The light inside was all blue as the ice filters away all other light,  So, here is a photo of the ice cave ceiling and one of me looking like I am straight out of the Blue Man Group.

Me. Kevin Raber in the Ice Cave

Me. Kevin Raber in the Ice Cave

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Sometimes I Have Other Fun

Kevin RAber - New Tool (toy)

Kevin RAber – New Tool (toy)

Ok, it’s no secret I have a real joy for taking photographs and spend just about all my waking days working on something related to my passion.  The Luminous-Landscape web site keeps me busy, working on future workshops takes time and writing takes times.  So, once in a while I need to go out and do something to relax.  There is nothing like Power Washing to satisfy that need and release my tensions.  This is a shot of me with my newest man tool – power washer.


It’s Me

Kevin Raber, In Ice Cave, Iceland

Kevin Raber, In Ice Cave, Iceland

I always said I wouldn’t post pictures of flowers, cats and myself.  I am a rule breaker.  Pixel my cat has now graced the blog a few times and now I am going to grace the pages here.  This was shot in the same ice cave as the previous image.  I did it as a self portrait.  Focused set the time and jumped in the shot.  How often will I get a photo of me in an ice cave under a glacier?  I rest my point.



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