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It’s Me

Kevin Raber, In Ice Cave, Iceland

Kevin Raber, In Ice Cave, Iceland

I always said I wouldn’t post pictures of flowers, cats and myself.  I am a rule breaker.  Pixel my cat has now graced the blog a few times and now I am going to grace the pages here.  This was shot in the same ice cave as the previous image.  I did it as a self portrait.  Focused set the time and jumped in the shot.  How often will I get a photo of me in an ice cave under a glacier?  I rest my point.


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Not That I am Vain

Photo of Kevin Raber by Christian Fletcher

Photo of Kevin Raber by Christian Fletcher

It’s not too often one gets to travel to the edge of the planet.  UI am very fortunate to have traveled to many edges of the planet and one of my favorite is Earnslaw Burn in New Zealand.  I had my friend and instructor on the PODAS workshop take a picture of me there.  Think I’ll give this to my mon for Christmas.  It has been an amazing time in New Zealand with so many good images that I’ll be editing for the winter.  Now it is head home in a  few days for the Holidays then it is off to Bangkok and China in January.


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