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Me Having fun

Kevin Raber on S. Georgia Island with King Penguins

First, my apologies for not posting more photos and posts in general lately.  Things have been moving at a fast pace on many fronts and a number of other projects took priority.  Things are now getting a bit more manageable and I will try to get these posts back up to being posted on a more regular basis.  Today’s photo is me having fun.  This was shot on S. Georgia Island as part of our S. Georgia – Antarctica Photo Workshop trip last November.  It’s an incredible feeling to be with wildlife and especially penguins in such an amazing environment.  I feel truly blessed.  Thank you, Debra (my wife) for catching this magic moment.  I am so happy you were able to be part of the adventure.

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Like A Fairy Tale

South Georgia Island is like a magical land in the middle of an ocean that is very hard to get to.  No matter what bay you visit or what land you set foot on you are blessed with incredibly beautiful scenes that make great images for the photographic artists.  This image was made at Gold Harbor which is just teaming with wildlife and amazing landscapes.  This was done at sunrise before breakfast.  The day just got better from that point on.

Fuji XT-2 and 18-55mm lens.