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Abandoned Farm House

One of the things that have always made the Palouse un to explore is the abandoned houses and trucks that can be found in many places.  Unlike other places, I visit it seems that a lot of times somewhere along the way folks just one day decided to pack some things and leave their homes.  it’s not uncommon to find homes that have been abandoned for 20 plus years.  Sometimes there is furniture and personal belongings in these homes.

The home above is one of these.  There were a barn and a garage with this home but they were burned down in 2017.  That is happening more and more too in the Palouse and is a who;e other stories. In any case, as a photographer, I like trying to capture these places and make the viewer ask what was the story?


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Iconic Palouse

The Palouse a small corner of Southeast Washington is a beautiful region that attracts photographers in the spring and during middle to late August.  It has one of the richest soils in the country and it’s an area that is famous for growing wheat and other similar crops.  I have visited the Palouse many times and it always provides me with a ton of new images a sit is a dynamic landscape, always changing.  This is one of the more iconic pictures of the Palouse.  A hillside, harvester and windmill.  Shot with a Fuji XT-1.

The Palouse Doesn't Get More Iconic Than This
The Palouse Doesn’t Get More Iconic Than This