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Love Abstracts In Architecture

In my travels, I enjoy walking around cities.  I do this for a few reasons.  First, I love to do street photography.  This is a chance to shoot people and the environment to show spontaneous and candid life.  The other is looking at the architecture and trying to find abstracts in unique and beautiful buildings.

In this series of buildings, I found so much it was crazy.  This is the opera house in Iceland.  Known as Harpa it is an amazing building both inside and outside.  If you ever get to Iceland make sure you spend some time photographing this building.  Iceland is one of the most photo-rich lands you can visit.  It’s pretty easy to get a good photo there.


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The Opera House

The Sydney Opera House, Australia

I love design and abstracts of buildings.  Looking for and photographing these kind of shots is something I look forward to when visiting small and large cities.  This is image, is the well know Opera House in Sydney Australia.  It’s an amazing building and very iconic.  I have done a lot of images of this building and the ones I have that are different work best for me.  I converted this to black and white and like the subtle tonality and angles.   Hope you enjoy it.

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Opera House

Foggy morning in Sydney
Foggy morning in Sydney

When I was in Sydney last month I would go out every morning before breakfast and just do street shooting. On two of those mornings it was foggy. Fog and rain always lend a different look to the city. This is an image I made showing the famous Sydney Opera House.  The fog changed the look. The person added something to the shot.  Made with a Fuji X1-Pro  and a 55-200 zoom.