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Why I Do What I Do

Polar Pioneer sitting on ice

Polar Pioneer sitting on ice

I love what I do just in case you haven’t figured that out.  I love adventure and the surprises each day brings.  Like in this image made in Antarctica.  There is something about being on the bridge of a ship when a Russian Captain smiles as he rams his ship onto an ice shelf and parks it there.  It’s even more fun to watch him back the ship off the ice shelf.  Every trip and every day on an Antarctica adventure has a special memory.

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In The Ice Cave

Ice Cave In Iceland - Long Exposure IQ260

Ice Cave In Iceland – Long Exposure IQ260

In addition to the regular PODAS workshops we do we sometimes tag along on some of our instructor workshops and bring along Phase One gear fro attendees to use.  I am presently in Iceland with Daniel BergmanAndy Biggs, and Josh Holka exploring many locations and taking some excellent images.  One of my goals on this trip other than sharing our cameras was to text the NEW IQ 260 in long exposure mode as well as to put the new 240mm lens.  The lens is incredible and I have been pushing the 260 as hard as I can The IQ260 has the capability to do long exposure.  So what better place to take it than deep under a big glacier.  The image above was a 4 minute exposure in essentially a dark chamber under a glacier.  First the experience of crawling around in a glacier is a bit unnerving to say the least.  Then you stumble upon this beautiful icicle that had to be 12  feet in the air.  You set the camera up in darkness, shine your headlamp onto the icicle to focus and try an exposure.  Turns out the exposure was 4 minutes at f-16.  It was amazing to see what the sensor saw that we didn’t.  The bottom part of the image was pulled from shadow area that on initial viewing was all black.  We did a bit of saturation and some highlight recovery.  I think the 240 did a good job.  If I had a bit more time I may have tried a 6-8 minute exposure and tried to pull the histogram a bit more to the right.