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Moab Here We Come

Moab, UT Area - Canyon Lands

Are any of you watching Peter Lik’s photography show on the Weather Channel?  He shoots with a Phase One camera and it’s great to see our cameras being used by a shooter like Peter.  Last night his show was on Arches which is essentially where my friends and I are headed.  It draws you back for more images.  So here’s a shot from last year.  I think it was done from Dead Horse overlook or something like that.  I haven’t had my coffee yet and I am about to run for the airport.  Enjoy and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Moab Here We Come

  1. incredible. great that you will have the IQ180 to shoot with. i cannot wait to see the shots. i’m sure it’s a lot to take in when you are standing at the top of a point like is pictured here…..but to actually be able to capture it with stitches from the new back will be so fun. would love to see one printed large…like on the side of a building somewhere……

  2. Sure, have seen that localized weather and something else in the distance. It is wild how it has been captured here. I like it!

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