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So what Is It?

Las Vegas neon Sign, Las Vegas, Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas neon Sign, Las Vegas, Neon Boneyard

I like posing images which make you do some thinking.  So what is this?  Answer, a neon sign at the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas.  This is a very cool place and should e a must see for any visit to Las Vegas.  It’s where all the old signs go when they die.

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A Little Color Today

Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas, NV

In only three days I head out for a 21 day trip that will take me to Australia and then New Zealand.  I’ll be leading a photo workshop in New Zealand for PODAS (  So, it has been a busy week prepping all the details for this trip that should yield some fantastic images.  I’ll try to post images here as time and internet connections allow.  Todays image is from the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas.  It is colorful and arty.  I like the simple composition.  If you visit Las Vegas you need to take  atour of this place.  it is where all the old signs in Vegas go when they die.


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Vegas Color

Las Vegas - Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas is a great city and there is so much there it can overwhelm your senses.  Once a year on one of my many trips there I visit the Neon Boneyard and have fun shooting images there.  This is one I did playing with color and angles.  Sometimes it is just good to go out and use the viewfinder to put a frame around something and explore through the viewfinder.  When you see something that works (like this) you shoot the shot.


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Red Light

Red Light, Neon Graveyard, Las Vegas, NV

A quick update, tomorrow I head out for an 8 day adventure in the Palouse.  This is a region in SE Washington state that is a very beautiful area to shoot landscape pictures.  I’ll be leading a PODAS workshop there with 28 attendees and 5 great instructors.  I’ll update my blogs as often as I can.  So starting tomorrow look for PODAS Palouse images.  You can follow our blog for this trip at the PODAS Blog by clicking here.  The blog will begin on Wed.

Today’s picture was made in the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, where old signs from the strip go where they are torn down.  I focused on a red light bulb and then enhanced it in a few apps on the iPad.  Kind of different so I thought I would share.

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Neon Abstract

Neon Bone Yard, Las Vegas

Another image from the Neon Bone Yard In Las Vegas.  shot and did HDR post processing on all the images made here.  Why?  Because I made it my assignment.  Sometimes when I go out shooting I give myself a challenge or assignment.  This one was shoot 5 exposures of everything and put them together after.  The results are interesting and lend to the abstractness of this wonderful place.  Part of the secret in shooting at the Neon Bone Yard is shooting tight and shooting just elements.  fun place – fun pictures.

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Old Vegas

Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas

Old Vegas was neon signs and times gone by. A visit to the Neon Boneyard where old Las Vegas signs go when they die is a great experience. Enjoy this image done at the boneyard with a GH2 and a 5 exposure HDR in PhotoMatix.

I am in Long Island, NY for a few days working in the Phase One offices and having meetings. Pouring down rain. Dreary.

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Two Hours In Vegas

Neon Boneyard - Las Vegas

I met up with one of the attendees of the PODAS workshop in Vegas today and we went to the Neon Boneyard. It was a hot 100 degree day. Funny as it was in the 30’s when I left Indy. In any case we had a fun time shooting the old neon signs of Vegas. Lots of colors and such. So, I decided to take the color out and make an image that might make you take a second look. Hope it works. I like it.


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The Neon Boneyard

Old Neon Sign - The Boneyard

I leave on Friday for a ten day trip to Death Valley.   This is one of the most beautiful National Parks there is.  It’s deceiving because you drive into it and you see just desert, but it has it’s surprises. Before I head out to Death Valley I’ll be stopping in Las Vegas, and picking up a friend from Australia and we are going shooting in the Neon Boneyard.  This is a photographers paradise.  This is where they all the old signs from the hotels and casinos in Vegas.  It is rich in texture and color and just about anyplace you point the camera is a good shot.  I will be shooting with my small GH2 camera and doing 5 exposure HDRs.  I have shot medium format here before and just have some amazing shots.  This time I have ideas of what I want to do with the final images and they will not be big prints.  After this little excursion I”ll be headed to Furnace Creek Inn where I will be leading a Phase One PODAS workshop for a week.  We have folks coming from around the world to try out the Phase One camera systems in this marvelous landscape.  You can follow the event on the PODAS blog by Clicking Here.  I’ll post a new shot here tomorrow and if all goes well on Friday night I’ll post a Neon Boneyard shot.

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Statue Of Liberty

New York, New York - Statue Of Liberty

Okay, there is this technique called HDR – High Dynamic Range imaging and it can be cool but overdone.  But it is fun.  This is a shot from a series I did in Las Vegas using HDR techniques. It is obvious what it is and it photography with a Canon 5dII at New York, NY Hotel. Then I messed with it doing HDR and then once it was in my gallery on the iPhone I played with it some more to make this shot. It’s all about having fun using the tools a photographer has today.



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