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Sometimes I Have Other Fun

Kevin RAber - New Tool (toy)

Kevin RAber – New Tool (toy)

Ok, it’s no secret I have a real joy for taking photographs and spend just about all my waking days working on something related to my passion.  The Luminous-Landscape web site keeps me busy, working on future workshops takes time and writing takes times.  So, once in a while I need to go out and do something to relax.  There is nothing like Power Washing to satisfy that need and release my tensions.  This is a shot of me with my newest man tool – power washer.


It’s Me

Kevin Raber, In Ice Cave, Iceland

Kevin Raber, In Ice Cave, Iceland

I always said I wouldn’t post pictures of flowers, cats and myself.  I am a rule breaker.  Pixel my cat has now graced the blog a few times and now I am going to grace the pages here.  This was shot in the same ice cave as the previous image.  I did it as a self portrait.  Focused set the time and jumped in the shot.  How often will I get a photo of me in an ice cave under a glacier?  I rest my point.



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