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Iconic Palouse

The Palouse a small corner of Southeast Washington is a beautiful region that attracts photographers in the spring and during middle to late August.  It has one of the richest soils in the country and it’s an area that is famous for growing wheat and other similar crops.  I have visited the Palouse many times and it always provides me with a ton of new images a sit is a dynamic landscape, always changing.  This is one of the more iconic pictures of the Palouse.  A hillside, harvester and windmill.  Shot with a Fuji XT-1.

The Palouse Doesn't Get More Iconic Than This

The Palouse Doesn’t Get More Iconic Than This

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It’s A lonely Job

It's A Lonely Job, In The Palouse, Fuji XT-1 55-200mm zoom

It’s A Lonely Job, In The Palouse, Fuji XT-1 55-200mm zoom

The Palouse Harvest is all about big open fields, perfect skies and harvesters bringing in the grain.  The drivers and farmers of the harvest work endless days drive combines through the fields.  This image was captures with a long lens from the top of Steppe Butte one of the highest points in the Palouse.  I think it explains itself.

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A Fixer Upper

Old House In The Palouse

Old House In The Palouse

One of the things that make the Palouse so special are the surprises it offers up.  I am in the Palouse all week leading Rockhopper workshop.  We will be visiting many places and shooting the wheat harvest.  However we will also be visiting abandoned homes and cars that are dotted all over the Palouse.  It’s great fun.  This image is an old house I found and then worked in post processing.  I did a single image tone map then using silver effects pro did a fun BW toned conversion.  Shot with a Fuji XT1.

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This Is The Palouse

This Is The Palouse

This Is The Palouse

I am in the Palouse for a week.  I’ll be running a workshop here for photographers using Phase One cameras.  The Palouse is located in southeastern Washington state.  It can be compared to the Tuscany of America. rolling hills with wheat and neat little farms, and all sort of surprises.  I have been coming here for years and always leave with some beautiful images.  This image embodies the Palouse, golden fields, windmills and lonely trees.  Look for more to come.

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Heading Out Again – Palouse Bound

The Palouse Landscape, Simple and Beautiful

The Palouse Landscape, Simple and Beautiful (Click To See Larger)

I am heading out early tomorrow to lead a workshop in the Palouse.  This is one of my favorite areas in the country to photography.  Kind of like the Tuscany of America.  Rolling hills and big skies.  Our workshop will be shooting at harvest time.  This is the time all the fields have turned from green to gold.  And , the farmers with their combines start to cut down the wheat.  This means everyday will be different.  There are new patterns and things to shoot all the time.  This image was made a few years ago but to me is what the Palouse is all about.  Simple and beautiful landscapes.

Since I am in America and have internet we will continue to post articles and images directly from the workshop.

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Svalabrd Pano

Svalbard Coastline Panorama, made from 14 images stitched together.

Svalbard Coastline Panorama, made from 14 images stitched together.

When visiting what I cal big sky locations I find myself enjoying shooting panoramas.  These are multiple images that are blended (stitched) together in Photoshop.  This image was made just about ten days ago in Svalbad.  It was shot handheld and was 14 images that were stitched together.  Made with Nikon D800E and 24-70mm lens.


A Beauty

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox Click On Image To View Larger, Click Again To See More

Hard to believe that a week ago I was in winter clothing exploring the northern polar regions of Svalbard, Norway.  What an amazing trip and I worked with two different groups of the nicest people on the the trip.  I was an instructor along with Peter Cox for the Luminous-landscape – Rockhopper Workshops my day job.  We saw amazing sights as well as some real up close encounters with wildlife.  On our last day we found 2 Arctic foxes playing and we were able to shoot hundreds of images.  This is one of my favorites.  It just draws you in.  Shot with a Nikon D800e and the new Tamron 150-600mm lens.  I can’t wait to make a print of this one.



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