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Lighthouse One

Lighthouse, Isle Of Skye

Lighthouse, Isle Of Skye

The trip Scotland has been so much fun.  If you ever travel to Isle Of Skye, bring good boots, waterproof pants and a good waterproof out shell.  There are not to many places you can have wind, rain, rainbows and sun all at the same time. You need to be ready for the changing environment.  This is a lighthouse that takes a while to reach by car but is really cool to shoot.  I decided to turn the image into Black and White as the scene hardly had any color in it.  This was shot with the Fuji X-T1 which I was using for the trip to write a story on.  In this shot I really like the balance of the sea to the land and the contrast of the shot.

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Almost Home

The light was incredible.  Isle Of Skye, Scotland

The light was incredible. Isle Of Skye, Scotland

What a great week in Scotland.  Sorry there haven’t been more posts but the internet was so slow there was no way to post anything.  I’m in Amsterdam now doing an overnight before heading back to the US.  Scotland through everything it had at us from wind and rain to blue skies and sun.  This is the second of my biblical images I made on the trip.  Done with an ALPA And Phase One IQ260.  The light was unreal.  We had rainbows too.  I’ll post those shots in the coming days.  For now please enjoy this.


Isle Of Skye

Isle Of Skye

Isle Of Skye

It has been a little while since I have made a post on my blog and I apologize.  I have been extremely busy on many projects.  Right now I am in Scotland at Isle Of Skye.  This is an amazing place. I am leading a photo workshop here with Steve Gosling and Joe Cornish.  We have great group of attendees and even though we have had to deal with the famous Isle Of Skye weather we have been capturing some amazing images like the one above.  Once I get back from this trip I’ll post more.  I’ll try to post another tomorrow.  This image I think almost looks Biblical.  Hope you enjoy it.  Made with a Phase One IQ160 digital back on an Alpa camera with 72mm lens.

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One Of The Many Waterfalls Iceland Has To Offer

Iceland is a magical land with so much beauty, that as a photographer it’s hard not to take fantastic images.  There are mountains, valleys, seascapes, glaciers, icebergs and the list goes on.  What I like is waterfalls.  There are hundreds and they are a lot of fun to photograph.  There are waterfalls that will astound in you size and the amount of water flowing over them.  This waterfall is one I found driving around Iceland and I stop by it each and every time I’m there.  I have done panos here, had rain, snow and blue sky.  This image is one I like because it has what I call the Iceland Sky.  Gray and foreboding.  I shot this at a 10th of a second and with a Phase One 28mm lens.  Had to go to real low ISO as well as F/22 to get a slow enough shutter to blur the water.  Because of the curved element of the lens I couldn’t use a ND filter. I have shot this at longer shutter speeds where the water really blurs and higher where it is frozen.  This shutter speed is just right.

I am running a workshop in Iceland next June going places other photo workshops don’t go.  If you want a real treat and some incredible images join us.  I’ll be doing this workshop with Daniel Bergmann my friend and one of the best landscape photographers I know.  Check it out at The Rockhopper Workshops Page.



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