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Gems On The Beach

Everyone knows about how beautiful Iceland is.  If there is a god then this is the place on earth where all the art school graduates display their work.  Almost anyplace you int your camera you will find incredible photo opportunities.  I have traveling to Iceland since 2005 and I have still so much to see and discover.

One place that yields new winning images every time I visit is the iceberg beach.  This is a beach not too far from a giant glacier.  The icebergs calving off the glacier float out to sea and then low tide washes them on the beach.  This usually produces under the right conditions hundreds of small icebergs.  It’s heaven for photographers.  These two images I produced in a couple of hours there.  The background also lends to great images and as you can see in these, what I call the Arctic Yellow shines though along with such beautiful clouds.

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