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Smoking Man In China

I was running a workshop in the southwest part of China and on one of our lunch breaks we stopped at this very rustic restaurant.  When I say rustic, I mean they were killing chickens and then making our lunch.  This part of China was very different from what you see in the east with the big cities.  Even the hotel rooms were rustic and it was freezing cold at night and the only heat was a heating pad under the sheets of the worst bed I ever slept in.  Anyway, back to the image.  After lunch, a few of the guys on the workshop decided it was time for a smoke and they were kind enough to let me shoot a few images.  I liked the light coming in from behind and the way it illuminates the smoke.  They tried to get me to smoke with them but just the second-hand smoke was enough to knock me out.  Interesting experience to say the least. This was shot on an Olympus MK 5 camera.

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