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A Visit With Ed Burtynsky

Discussing new technology – 3D Printing

I had the honor this week to spend a day with one of the photographers whose work I admire most, Edward Burtynsky of Toronto. Ed’s work is truly amazing and he allowed Luminous-Landscape to visit his studio and do an extended multi-part video interview with him. His photography is about the landscape that has been changed and touched by man. The discussion and his photography are inspiring. We look forward to sharing this video as soon as we have it edited. It will be released in chapters. I’ll post here when it is available.

On the set with Ed Burtynsky and me.
Ed is pioneering 3D printing. This is both of us discussing a 3D model made from hundreds of photos of an Elephant Tusk Pile. We’ll have coverage of this on our upcoming video.

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