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Arches National Park

The cool thing about Moab, Utah is you can stay in the village and with less than an hour driving time be in some amazing places.  On one side of the highway is canyons and the other side arches.  This was made in Arches National Park.  Great hiking, lots of places to photograph.  You’ll need at least several days to capture the area properly.  Sunrise and sunset are the best times obviously.  The air is clear and if you get there late October to early November you may get a beautiful dusting of snow.

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Iceland In The Winter

I know a lot of people like to sit on a beach in winter and go someplace war.  Me, I love the cold places and you’ll find me in Antarctica and Iceland.  This is the kind of image you can expect from Iceland in the winter.  And, believe it or not, it’s not that cold.  Iceland is best in winter and thus you get ice shots in Iceland.  This is a pano made at one of the iceberg lagoons.   There are a lot of other really incredible places in icealnd to be seen in winter.  Imagine beautiful frozen waterfalls with gorgeous sunsets.  If you are interested than consider traveling with me this MArch as I take photographers on an Icealnd Winter Workshop.

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Polar Bear On The Edge

A few years ago I made my first journey to the Svalbard area in the Artic Circle.  It was my first opportunity to photograph Polar Bears.  And, it was an experience I won’t forget.  I have been back several times and have loved photographing these incredible animals.  The Polar Bear though is in trouble for numerous reason.  I have spent time learning about this and making friends with a number of experts on the topic.  This image I think tells a story.  It expresses well what is happening.  The bear is at the edge of the ice looking off and this symbolizes what the bears are facing.  Shrinking ice packs and with it a challenge for them to survive.  I call this image Polar Bear On The Edge.  I think the bird at the top really adds to the image.


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Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfalls -Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland is a beautiful place to visit.  Iceland has a ton of iconic locations like this.  I have been shooting there for years and at this location.  Typically all of us at a workshop pile out of the van and head to the waterfalls.  We try to duplicate other iconic images made from this spot.  This year was different.  I got out of the van and headed off in my own direction determined to find a different shot.  The image above is what I found.  The light was right.  The lead in composition worked.  Mission accomplished.

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Being Square Seeing Double Project Update

I have been working on a personal project for the last two years and I am now at the editing and selection stage.  This is a project of square format images made as double exposures.  Lots of fun and something different.  I’ll show a major selection of these at my gallery at the end of April.  I’ll share more over the coming weeks.

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Lonely Tree

Tuscany, Italy

I always like this image.  I have been going through my files of the last few years prepping images for an online store.  It’s a good exercise and every photographer should do it.  This is one from one og=f my Italy trips.  It tells its own story.  Lonely trees, big field and giant sky with magnificent clouds.  Shot with a long lens from a distance only makes it stand out even more.

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Smoking Man In China

I was running a workshop in the southwest part of China and on one of our lunch breaks we stopped at this very rustic restaurant.  When I say rustic, I mean they were killing chickens and then making our lunch.  This part of China was very different from what you see in the east with the big cities.  Even the hotel rooms were rustic and it was freezing cold at night and the only heat was a heating pad under the sheets of the worst bed I ever slept in.  Anyway, back to the image.  After lunch, a few of the guys on the workshop decided it was time for a smoke and they were kind enough to let me shoot a few images.  I liked the light coming in from behind and the way it illuminates the smoke.  They tried to get me to smoke with them but just the second-hand smoke was enough to knock me out.  Interesting experience to say the least. This was shot on an Olympus MK 5 camera.