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Blue and Red Indy

Indianapolis is my hometown.  I love to wander around the city and have fun looking for form and gesture in the architecture of the city.  I shot this image of the Marriot hotel in town with a long lens contrasting the red of the sculpture with the blue tint of the hotel.  I like looking for abstracts in architecture.

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Lonely Tree

Tuscany, Italy

I always like this image.  I have been going through my files of the last few years prepping images for an online store.  It’s a good exercise and every photographer should do it.  This is one from one og=f my Italy trips.  It tells its own story.  Lonely trees, big field and giant sky with magnificent clouds.  Shot with a long lens from a distance only makes it stand out even more.

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Yellow Field Blue Sky

Yellow Fields, Cremore, Ontario, Canada
Yellow Field, Cremore, Ontario, Canada

While driving around the back roads on Cremore, Ontario Michael and I stumbled upon this great yellow field. Contrasting with the blue sky we spent a bit of time shooting it. I made panos, B&Ws and horizontal crops. I ended up settling on this and messed with in post processing. I did what many of my friends are saying about me lately Raberized it. Shot with Nikon D800e and 24-70mm lens.