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I Love Iceland In The Winter

As you read from my previous post I’m heading to Iceland next weekend.  It’s a great time of year to visit.  It’s the end of winter and days are getting longer but it is still cold and should have snow.  And, most important is it a time where a lot less tourists visit.  I have a small group this year and we will travel around the whole Island shooting all the best locations.  I can’t wait.  I’ll have a lot to share on my return.  Hope you like today’s image.

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Arches National Park

The cool thing about Moab, Utah is you can stay in the village and with less than an hour driving time be in some amazing places.  On one side of the highway is canyons and the other side arches.  This was made in Arches National Park.  Great hiking, lots of places to photograph.  You’ll need at least several days to capture the area properly.  Sunrise and sunset are the best times obviously.  The air is clear and if you get there late October to early November you may get a beautiful dusting of snow.

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Castle Rock

Castle Rock, Canadian Rockies

I spent a few days in the Canadian Rockies a week or so ago and was scouting for locations and hotels for next years PODAS workshop there. There was a lot to shoot. Day one we had blue skies and puffy clouds and a few days after that full force snow storms that left the mountains topped off with snow cover. I’ll pots some more over the coming days.

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Black and White Just Works

In The Ice Fields Canadian Rockies

Sometimes you are shooting a scene or environment that is just made for Black and white. The picture today was just that. Shot on October 2, 2012 in the ice Fields of the Canadian Rockies. The weather was changing every second. Winds, cold, snow. It was so cold my iPhone shut down. Camera kept working though. I shot this image and processed it in Capture One. Capture One has such great features for holding shadow detail and highlight detail.  I printed it on the darker side because it matches the true darkness of the time it was shot. Hope you like it.