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Sometimes You Just Luck Out

Double Exposure. Silo City, Buffalo, NY

You have recently seen a number of images from my Silo City series.  Usually, I am shooting with one of my larger setups like a Sony or Nikon while at these locations.  However, I also do a lot of experimenting and I also use my iPhone and try out new apps.  The app this was made with is called Hipstamatic.  It allows for a different variety of double exposure looks.  I do these exposures in color and BW.  This was a color one of the grain silos from across the canal.  It just worked with the tug boats at the right spot as well as the soft look of the silos in the background.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Being Square Seeing Double Project Update

I have been working on a personal project for the last two years and I am now at the editing and selection stage.  This is a project of square format images made as double exposures.  Lots of fun and something different.  I’ll show a major selection of these at my gallery at the end of April.  I’ll share more over the coming weeks.

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Double Exposure

Pipe Organ Double Exposure, Iceland
Pipe Organ Double Exposure, Iceland

I published a church photo from Icelanda few days ago.  This is a shot I made inside the church.  Using the double exposure feature in the Hipstamatic program I played around with doing double exposures.  I’d shoot one and then look at the subject and tried to envision how it would look on top of the image previously shot.  I did a number of images of the pipe organ and keyboard of the organ.  This is one of the shots.  Made with the iPhone.