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Different Angles

Palladium - Performing Arts Center- Carmel, IN

When I go out shooting I am always looking, moving my head, looking up, down and behind.  I love looking at things from different angles.  This is a shot of the new Palladium in Carmel, IN. It’s a magnificent building and I assure you that more images will appear here of this building.  This particular shot was made looking straight up.  I tried to show off the defining part of this building, carved limestone and columns.  Show with a 5dII with 17mm lens.  Then converted to BW in Capture One.


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Laughing It Off

Laughing It Off

The other day I posted a photo of a Dane who was sleeping it off.  Other Danes take the way they handle drinking a bit different.  This fellow was just standing there and laughing.  He was just laughing, actually howling-laughing.  A very happy guy for some reason.  Not a care in the world.  This is what I like most about doing street photography is the unexpected.  This was made on one of my many walk-abouts in Copenhagen. When doing street shooting you have to look everywhere.   Don’t be bashful but be quick with the camera.

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Sleeping It Off

Sleeping It Off

I travel to Denmark quite alot.  I work for a Danish Company (Phase One) and each visit to Copenhagen is a pleasant surprise.  Copenhagen is an amazing city and it is a city you always want to have a camera close by.  When I get time off on my visits there I head out and do a lot of street photography.  I have posted other images here from my walk-abouts.  This one just struck me as one that says a lot.  The Danes know how to party like no others.  They also know how to recover as this poor chap is doing.  This was done on one of my HDR days and the result kind of works here.  I bet this guy woke with a  major headache.

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Nice Ice

Ice in Iceland of course.  This image was shot in Iceland at the Glacial Lagoon.  You could spend all day there shooting.  Tough part is editing all the great images that you have photographed.  This image was shot in a heavy wind with a long lens.  The long lens compresses the shot.  The pattern and color carrty off the rest really well.

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Painted Tree

So, some nights when I have nothing to do I sit on the couch, put on some TV show and pick up my iPad.  Last night I did just that and played with an APP on my iPad – Paintit Show.  This is a slick app by Corel and all you do is load your images, select a style and away it goes.  Lots of fun to watch and results are nice.  This is one of the many I did last night that I like the best.  Originally shot with a P65+ of a gum tree in Ormiston Gorge, Australia.

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Waterfalls and Green

Waterfall - Olympic National Park

Last spring a group of friends and I went on our annual Mancation.  It’s a group of 10 guys all well known photographers and we pick a spot and we shoot for a week.  We also drink a lot of wine, pick on each other, tell jokes but more than anything else enjoy a common passion – photography.  This shot was taken on last years trip when we visited Olympic National Park in Washington.  We explored the whole park and stayed at three different hotels.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the whole trip and we were surprised on how much green we saw.  This shot was made with the Phase One P65+ at a roadside waterfall.  Exposure was about 1/8th of a second.  The detail in this image is extraordinary as you would expect from a 60 megapixel camera.  One of many waterfalls shot on this trip.

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Storm Bergs

Storm and Icebergs, Antarctica

Today I share a shot from my last trip to Antarctica.  One thing you see while in Antarctica is vast seascapes.  You can see storms moving across the horizon.  Add to the storms a foreground of icebergs and you have a nice photograph.  Shot with a 5dII with a 400mm lens.  I have a lot of these kind if images and they are always nice to look at.  If you ever go to Antarctica bring lots of data cards as you will take more photographs than you ever thought you could.


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Ormiston Gorge

Ormiston Gorge near Glen Helen, Australia

The Australia Outback . . . an amazing place with immense landscapes. This was photographed with a Phase One P65+ set in vertical position and stitched from 5 images.  It’s just a nice image to view not to mention amazing place to visit.

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Olympic National Park

Sunset, Olympic National Park

Every year I spend a week with a group of fellow photographers and friends.  We go to a special location, shoot a lot of photos, talk photography and drink fine wine.  Last year we visited Olympic National park and had perfect weather and shot lots of good images.  One evening were photographing the sunset on the Pacific Ocean and it was tough scene.  It was a classic case where HDR was needed.  But to shoot multiple exposures with water that is in continuous motion is near impossible.  Lucky for me I was shooting with a Phase One P65+ and this amazing camera has a huge dynamic range.  So what I did was find an exposure I like, processed it out by setting exposure sliders in capture One to 2 stops over and 2 stops under and then normal.  I took the three images and used Photomatix to handle the HDR.  I made several varieties of HDR some very natural looking and a few like this are best described as nuclear.  So, enjoy my nuclear sunset.

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They Do Things Different In Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland

As you have seen from previous posts I like doing street photography.  Wandering around Reykjavík, Iceland oner afternoon I came across this store window.  Couldn’t help think how different this was from the Victoria Secret windows in the US.  This was shot on an iPhone 4 and then worked on in several apps.  I guess when you have the long winters like Iceland does that a store like this must sell a number of these.

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An Afternoon In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


I made a recent trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to meet up with my friend Michael Reichmann of I brought with me the NEW Phase One IQ180 digital back that he was doing an initial review on.  So, since he had my back he gave me a new camera he just got a Lumix GH2.  This was a small 4/3 DSLR and highly sought after.  We took a walk in the streets of this beautiful mexican town.  And, while Michael shot with the Phase One IQ180, I shot with the GH2.  This turns out to be an amzing little camera great for street photography.  I decided to break with the one picture a day theme and today post a gallery of my few hour walk through San Miguel.  I lead off the gallery with this photo of a nun which I find just illuminating. The rest of the images are the result of a visual exercise of just seeing.  All images were shot RAW and worked on in Capture One 6.x,  I hope  you enjoy.

By the way I have now purchased the GH2 with 3 lenses and have been having some fun with it.  I plan to sell my Leica M8 system and use this for much of my street shooting and candid type of work.



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